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  • UMA telecon 2012-07-19
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UMA telecon 2012-07-19

Date and Time

  • WG telecon on Thursday, 19 July 2012, at 9am PT (time chart)
    • Skype: +99051000000481
    • US: +1-805-309-2350 (other international dial-in lines available) | Room Code: 178-2540


  • Roll call
  • Approve minutes of 2012-07-12 meeting
  • Feature test progress
  • Implementation progress
  • Spec progress, review, issues
    • New profiling features
    • New UMA-style OAuth scopes
  • Spec/issues review
    • #56: Sample UMA-style OpenID Connect OAuth scopes from George to look at?
    • Prioritize current open issues
      • Where does "adding new token profiles" fit?
  • AOB


New AI summary







Thomas, Sal, Eve


Capture business-oriented use cases.

Needs to be written up.

2012-07-12EveOpenWork on Binding Obligations comments. 
2012-07-19-1ThomasOpenWork on issue #61 editorial instructions. 
2012-07-19-2DomenicoOpenPropose issue #57 "promissory claims" profile.This might be layered on top of the OpenID Connect claim profile.
2012-07-19-3EveOpenFinally put feature tests on the OSIS wiki. 

Roll call

Quorum was reached.

Approve minutes of 2012-07-12 meeting

Minutes of 2012-07-12 meeting APPROVED.

Feature test progress

Eve has put new participant and solution entries on the OSIS wiki for Fraunhofer AISEC (but they probably need fixing). Issues raised by the Eve/Trey feature test work are now recorded in issue #61 (see AI 2012-07-19-1).

Implementation progress

No news since last week.

Spec progress, review, issues

Eve had closed a couple of the big issues that we resolved: #13, #14, #56, and #58. We quickly walked through many of the current open issues and the newly added text.

Thomas suggested, regarding the Binding Obligations references in the profiles section: Should we broaden to mention things like trust frameworks as well? Should we broaden our discussion of profiles in general (in the intro to Section 5) to clarify that profiling has "BLT" (business/legal/technical) aspects? Let's not add the word "Technical" to "Profile" here, but we do need more discussion.

Issue 55: Should OpenID Connect be MTI? Is the tide turning on OIC in terms of being enterprise-ready? It seems so, based on the Cloud Identity Summit discussions this week! However, we left this issue open for now.
Issue 53: Let's hear from third parties doing this before making any decisions.
Issue 7: Let's close it; the wording is sufficient.


As of 12 Jul 2012 (pre-meeting), quorum is 6 of 11.

Voting participants:

  1. Catalano, Domenico
  2. Hardjono, Thomas
  3. Machulak, Maciej
  4. Maler, Eve
  5. Moren, Lukasz
  6. Szpot, Jacek

Next Meetings

  • WG telecon on Thursday, 26 July 2012, at 9am PT (time chart)
  • WG telecon on Thursday, 2 August 2012, at 9am PT (time chart)
  • WG telecon on Thursday, 9 August 2012, at 9am PT (time chart)
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