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UMA Twitter Chat


Thanks for joining our User-Managed Access (UMA) Twitter chats! Currently we don't have another one scheduled. Please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter anytime at @UMAWG and to use the #UMAWG hashtag whenever you mention or discuss UMA.

Chat logs

Logs from previous chats:

Notes on participating in UMA Twitter chats

Our chat hashtag is #umachat. If you write in, be sure to use it! An easy way to follow along is to use (Try the tool if you don't want to participate in the chat and want to mute chatting participants in your timeline for a defined period.)

If you want to help us get the word out, use the short link to take people back to this page.

Your hosts are:

  • Eve Maler, UMA group chair (@xmlgrrl)
  • Maciej Machulak, UMA group vice-chair (@mmachulak)

The focus of this chat series is:

  • The UMA spec
  • UMA implementations
  • Development advice, best practices, and interoperability testing

...or whatever UMA-related topics you want to float.

If you have any comments or suggestions ahead of time, feel free to tweet directly to @UMAWG and/or the hosts, and/or include the hashtag #UMAchat or #UMAWG to get our attention.

UMA tweety bird for use in Storify chat logs

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