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Fraunhofer AISEC Implementation Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions not covered in this FAQ, please contact Mario Hoffmann or Alam Mohammad.

Which parts of the UMA protocol have been implemented?

Introduction and registration of host and AM, scope and resource registration, policy administration, and third-­party login at AM and host.

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What are the key technologies used?

Java, JSP, Spring 3.0, Apache Tomcat, iBatis, PostgreSQL, Navicat, Dreamweaver, Restfull, JSON

What have been the key challenges in implementing UMA?

Scope registration acted according to the policy at AM.

What is the current status of the Open Source approach?

Should be open source, but where to publish not yet clear.

What are the next steps regarding this reference implementation?

  • Extending resource management including personal information ­?> kind of I­card.
  • Managing PI and build reputational system ­?> kind of R­card.
  • AM -­? Personal data backup and synchronization in a Cloud (AM as a Service).
  • AM­?lite for mobile devices (Android, iPhone ­?> Web­?based vs App).
  • Integration of OpenID-­Connect.
  • PayPal Access (Identity and attribute provider product) Integration.
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