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Emerging standards around mobile Drivers Licenses, particularly ISO 18013-5 “Personal identification — ISO-compliant driving license”, raise questions of Identity Proofing and Individual Privacy. In particular, the issuing authorities for mobile Driving Licenses (mDLs) have a legitimate requirement for detailed and deeply personal information about individuals, while many relying parties will only have legitimate bases for selected subsets of the identity related data available in an mDL. Similarly, holders of mDLs will appreciate the convenience of having a standard verified credential that can be used in many contexts but will need assurances that their privacy will be protected and that their identity will be secure. 

This Discussion Group will engage stakeholders to produce a report intended to enrich and inform the broader community that will create, deploy, administer, and use mobile Driving Licenses. This report draws on prior Kantara reports and standards, the work of the Secure Technology Alliance and others to create a report that will be used as the basis for the creation of a Kantara Work Group to create and maintain a conformance standard for Privacy and Identity protective implementations of mDLs.

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This PImDL DG operates under the Kantara IPR Option:  Non Assertion Covenant 


Interim Chair: John Wunderlich

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