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The Liaison Sub-Committee (LSC) operates under the authority of the Board of  Directors.

The LSC performs and reviews restricted and confidential draft & pre-publication documents from 3rd parties such as ISO, ITU-T and OECD-ITAC in accordance with those parties terms. At times this LSC can include some documents for review from Kantara Initiative Liaisons.

Mail List & Archives

Requirements for eligibility to participate in the LSC are the acknowledgement and acceptance of this Agreement which (inter alia) contains to following:

  • MUST be an Individual, Organizational or Leadership Council Member in good standing of Kantara Initiative, and in so doing, you acknowledge all of its Policies and Procedures.
  • MUST agree to comply with all of the below:
  1. MUST have the AUTHORITY TO EXECUTE the LSC Agreement on behalf of yourself or your organization.
  2. MUST KEEP CONFIDENTIAL any and all information reviewed as a part of the LSC. 
  3. MUST NOT share such information in any public forum, mail list or teleconference.
  4. MUST NOT submit any comments or information that has or might have IPR claims associated with such comments or information.


Please DO NOT store reference materials on this home page.

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