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  • Consent Receipt Request Instructions - California Draft
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Dear CISWG, 
Following the first successful Consent Receipt request, please find draft instructions on the process below. Eventually, this will be an automated system, but this is allowing us to pin down the important details and figure out exactly what needs to happen in this process. So, please comment on the instructions in the table below! 
Thank you kindly,

Step-by-step guide

    1. Go to company registration webpage, collect website name and URL

    2. Register with the website and note the following:
      1. Date and time (including time zone);
      2. Email address with which you have created a personal identification with the website;
      3. Jurisdiction in which you reside;
      4. Jurisdiction in which the website is based;
      5. Your “Do Not Track: status;
      6. The 14 day deadline.

    3. With the contact details provided in the privacy policy, the terms of service, or the general website contact if necessary, submit a request for a consent receipt, stating the following: 

      To Whom It May Concern;

      The obscure and complex language in your privacy policy and terms of service makes them difficult for me to read and, thereby, understand my position. As a consumer, “closed” policies prevent me from properly understanding what data you gather from me and why. 

      I consented to your terms of service and privacy policy here [insert hyperlink], on [insert date] at [insert time, noting time zone] from [jurisdiction in which you reside] with the email identification [your email address, with which you registered with the website].

      In order for me to genuinely give my fully informed consent, and in accordance with [jurisdiction in which the website is based] law, please fill in the linked form below with the basic privacy requirements in [jurisdiction in which the website is based] law within the next 14 days, by [14 day deadline]. This will also be useful for me as a consent receipt.

      Kind Regards,

      [Your name, as the registered consumer]