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The workshop on Real Consent was a great success. Even with such short notice, the room was full and we had a great set of speakers attend.

The Workshop started with an introduction from Michele Nati @digicatapult about the Personal Data & Trust Network. . 

The Speaker Arrangements: 

First up was Mark Lizar form the Open Consent Group. Discussing Real and Open Consent

Second was Richard Beaumont from Govenor technologies, Presenting on consent in the GDPR

Third was Liz Col from Citizens Advice - Presenting on Consumer Research

Last up was Dr. Andrew McStay from Bangor University - Presenting on Consent and the tracking of intimate emotions 

Mark Lizar @Smartopian - gave a introduction about #RealConsent as an achievable goal, in which he covered Open Consent Standards (including the consent receipt and UMA), Trust Services & Consent Technology being key to the developing consent marketplace. 

Richard Beaumont @Richard_TCC covered the GDPR consent elements and discussed a few of the many ways in which these may be interpreted once the legislation becomes active. 

Liz Col @elcoll discussed the citizens perview of this space and noted that people love the internet but not one of them brought up the word consent. 

To learn more about what was really discussed you can find the notes at

 As well, feel free to fill in the short survey, which can be found at  

Whats Next

We are now hunting for dates for the next workshop in March where we hope to start tackling the models of practice for consent and design.  If you are interested in speaking please get in touch. 

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