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IDESG Mapping from the IDESG Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) to the Kantara IAF


The IDESG has undertaken an initiative to facilitate the on-boarding of entities approved by one or more Trust Framework Providers (TFPs) to the IDESG Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) Registry (  The IDEF Registry is a listing service which presents the results of self-assessment and attestation to satisfaction of the IDEF Baseline Requirements. Kantara was the first (and until very recently the only) liaison to IDESG. This initiative is intended to facilitate the self-assessment, attestation and registration processes for the Kantara Initiative as an industry TFP and Kantara-approved Credential Service Providers (CSPs) and Service Components to be listed on the IDEF Registry.

Mapping documents

IDEF Registry On-Boarding Summary (002).docx

IDEF-IAF Mapping Overview v3.xlsx

IDEF-IAF FICAM Federal Privacy Profile Mapping v2.xlsx


Recording of the IDESG presentation September 22

IAWG sub-group

A subgroup will be formed to review the IDEF-SAC mapping work and to provide comment and feedback to IDESG to help refine the mapping work.

The objective of the IDESG mapping is to determine how many of the IDEF Baseline Requirements are satisfied by the assessment documentation of an IDEF Registry applicant currently approved under the Kantara Identity Assurance Program.

The objective of the subgroup is to determine if a Kantara-Approved service provider that is applying to be listed at the IDEF Registry can claim to have fulfilled the IDESG Requirements as determined in the IDEF-SAC mapping. In other words, that service providers that implement systems to conform with the Kantara Service Assessment Criteria are considered to have met the relevant IDEF requirements fully or partially. 

The mandate of the subgroup as provided by IAWG is to:

  • Be a collaborative group for Kantara-approved service providers, Kantara Accredited assessors and other entities that may assist in evaluating the IDEF mapping documents
  • Provide the IAWG and IDESG with comment on mappings where IDESG determined that the Kantara SAC gave partial or no satisfaction of IDEF requirements.


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