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This Work Group operates under the Kantara IPR Policy - Option Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non discriminatory (RAND)

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RFP: The RFP for a “Revision of the descriptive text prefacing the Service Assessment Criteria of the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework” is now closed. The evaluation period is now underway through October 4. Please contact the Kantara staff with any questions.

IAF 1400 45 Day Comment Period - CLOSED
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 This is a formal notification that the Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) has approved the following documents as Draft Recommendations: Titles:

(for review pending formal release as v4.0)                                                    

Pro Forma comment file, to be sent to: 

  • Kantara IAF-1400 Comment Form - (DOCX)                                             

Link to all documents: Per Section 5 of the Operating Procedures, this email initiates a review and comment period of 45 days on these documents, which shall end on *January 30, 2014, 17:00 Pacific Time.*

Current Version of the Identity Assurance Framework

Current Version - Identity Assurance Framework

Working Drafts - Identity Assurance Framework - Working Drafts

Request Changes, Report Errors in IAF at: Ticket System

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The Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) has been formed within the Kantara Initiative to foster the adoption of trusted on-line identity services. To advance this goal, the IAWG will provide a forum for identifying and resolving obstacles to market and commercial acceptance that have limited broad deployment and adoption of trusted identity services thus far.

 IA WG Status Report — Restructuring of the SAC - Completed in 2013
  • As Kantara Initiative has come out of pilot mode in its Accreditation and Service Approval program, the IAWG is head-long into disposing feedback collected from the IAF's initial operational cycles.
  • One of the biggest changes to the document set is the restructuring of the SAC to allow a component-based approach in accreditation.
  • With FICAM's early, informal support and community interests suggesting the merits of this restructuring, the IAWG has prioritized this work-stream in advance of all-inclusive document set edits. A wg vote on this first phase of editorial implementations is due to launch mid-April.
  • The balance of IAF document set edits are being progressed concurrently, which should allow for a fully revised IAF approved by the IAWG. We would anticipate this action to be closed by the end of Q2. As a matter of process, these draft recommendations will proceed through a 45-day Kantara member review, re-enter the IAWG for a comment disposition phase and subsequently be ushered through the LC for ratification. Finally, Kantara will look to have the IAF v."n#" reviewed and approved by FICAM. The time line for this lengthy process to be complete is targeted for Q3 2012.
  • Review the ICAM-approved IAF document set
  • Review the IAF 2.0 Recommendation
  • Visual of the relationships of the IAF document set with Kantara work groups and operational flows


Ken Dagg (March 2017)


Scott Shorter, KUMA (March 2017)


Denny Prvu, CA Technologies (March 2017)

Roles of Leadership 
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DAY: Thursdays

TIME: 12:00 Pacific Time | 15:00 Eastern Time (meeting is pinned to Eastern Time - use World Clock Meeting Planner to convert to other time zones)

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