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TurboBridge Conference Lines - effective Jan. 1, 2012


  • Skype:+99051000000481
  • US Dial-In: +1-805-309-2350 | Room Code: 613-2898


  • To join the conference as a moderator enter the Conference ID followed by the star key (*) and enter PIN number 7729
  • Skype:+99051000000481
  • US Dial-In: +1-805-309-2350 | Room Code: 613-2898 | Then press * for "Moderator" and enter Moderator Passcode: 7729

View the Kantara Initiative calendar to see the groups and their corresponding dial-in details.   

Local & International Phone Numbers (Toll)

Local, Skype, SIP & iNum Access

United States Toll +1 (805) 309-2350
Alternate Toll +1 (714) 551-9842

Skype: +99051000000481
Skype Name: Turbo Bridge

TurboPhone (beta) Click Here
Works with Internet Explorer on Windows only

SIP Access (using IP phone or soft phone)

iNum Access Click Here

International  *Local costs apply 

  • Australia Sydney +61.2.8014.4647
  • Belgium Brussels +32.2.588.01.01
  • Brazil Rio de Janeiro +55.21.3724.1025
  • Brazil Sao Paulo +55.11.3958.8549
  • Canada Montreal +1.514.667.6018
  • Canada Toronto +1.416.628.9594
  • Canada Vancouver +1.604.484.0530
  • China Hong Kong +852.5808.1904
  • France Marseille +
  • France Paris +
  • Germany Frankfurt +49.69.90732252
  • Israel Tel Aviv +972.3.935.0635
  • Italy Milan +39.02.3929.3783
  • Italy Rome +39.06.6220.7181
  • Japan Tokyo +81.3.4579.9748
  • Mexico, Mexico City +52.55.4631.9973
  • Netherlands Amsterdam +31.20.890.8060
  • Spain Barcelona +
  • Spain Madrid+
  • Sweden Stockholm +46.8.525.07003
  • Switzerland Geneva +41.22.533.03.07
  • United Kingdom London +44.20.3137.5285


For questions or support, please contact the TurboBridge team at


Touch Tone Menu

Participant 'InCall' Features 

*0 Plays menu of keypad commands
*3 Promote to host if non-host
*5 Raise your hand
*6 Mute yourself
** Mute music-on-hold
*# Private roll call of participants

Touch Tone Menu

Moderator 'InCall' Features 

*1 Record the conference (toggle on/off)
*2 Lock out new entrants (toddle on/off)
*3 Start conference (in "host confirms" mode)
*41 Switch to Presentation Mode)
*42 Switch to Conversation Mode
*43 Switch to Question & Answer Mode
*44 Switch to Private Host Mode
*71 Play entry chime on caller arrival
*72 Announce name on caller arrival
*73 No notification on caller arrival
*81 Play entry chime on caller exit
*82 Announce name on caller exit
*83 No notification on caller exit
*91 Terminate the conference


Access to the Kantara Initiative Wiki

As Chair, you have access to Kantara’s wiki workspace (Confluence) for your group. Here, you can access your pages to create and edit content. The wiki allows access to view the calendar, access chair info, review the charter, upload files, edit the participant roster, and more.

Become familiar with your home page and the subsequent pages within your wiki workspace links. You can review the links using the right hand navigation panel. All pages within your wiki workspace are open to the public with the exception of the chair information page.

This wiki workspace supports a variety of browsers. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox which allows easier editing capabilities.

Home page

The home page is a place reflecting the groups leadership, mission and goals. This page can be used for highlighting key initiatives, leadership roles, current work or references to important documentation.


You can access and update entries to your calendar page. The calendar is managed through Google Calendar. You have access rights within Google to make entries via the Google interface. Using your Google account, you can subscribe to your groups’ calendar in the ‘Calendar’ section of Google.

Edit: To edit entries already made on the calendar, click on the Calendar link, click on the entry and make your edits.

Add: To add a new entry to the Calendar, click on the Calendar link, from the Calendars link on the left hand panel, highlight over your calendar, click the down arrow, create event on this calendar (your groups’ calendar) and add details to the entry, click ‘public’ to make this entry public for all participants to view.

Please make sure your calendar entry details and time zones are accurate according to the Time Chart. The default Kantara Initiative calendar time zone has been set for Pacific time. Your groups’ calendar is reflected in your groups’ wiki workspace and the Kantara Initiative community calendar.

Chair Info

The Chair information page is private and available only to chairs, it contains private details regarding the teleconference moderator, access codes and bridge details.

Managing meetings/teleconferences: Chairs/co-chairs/vice-chairs should launch the bridge using the moderator code found on the Chair Info page. An attendance roll call and quorum count is essential for managing your meeting which should be noted in the minutes. To reach quorum, a simple majority (50% of voting participants) is needed.

The Secretary should take minutes and update the Participant Roster for the group.  If there is no Secretary, the Chair should ask for a volunteer minute-taker and then request that the minute taker send minutes of the meeting to the Chair(s). Once the Chair approves the minutes, the Chair or minute taker can post to the meeting and minutes area. Minutes should remain minimal in content and contain action points.


The Charter page reflects detailed scope and outline of the groups work. The Intellectual Property Rights under which the group operates is also found on this page.


The Contributions page is a place where you can add documents, presentations, etc.

Attaching files: When attaching documents to this page, make sure your are in the 'Contributions' page, then click ‘Tools’, ‘Attachments’. At the bottom of the page, in the ‘Attach File’ section, click the ‘Attach’ icon to attach your file, you can add a comment in the ‘Comment’ field related to file you are posting.

Meetings and Minutes

The Meetings and Minutes page is comprised of a home page to house minutes for your groups’ meetings and teleconferences. Within this page, there are subpages of the minutes pages carefully kept in an order of sequence for easy navigation.

Creating meeting minutes page: Open the meeting minutes template page in the Meeting and Minutes subpage. Create your new minutes page within the Meeting and Minutes page (make sure you are in the Meeting and Minutes page) by clicking ‘Add’, then click ‘Page’ from the top right hand area of the page. Make sure to name your page in the same sequence as previous minutes (e.g. XXWG Teleconference-2010-05-12). When you create your page, the editing tool allows you to paste the body of contents into your page (here you will use the template contents as your master to edit). Again, we recommend using the rich text edit feature in Mozilla Firefox). You can ‘Preview’ your page while editing, then click ‘Save’ w1hen your page is complete. This creates a unique URL for you new “XXX Teleconference -2010-XX-XX’ minutes page.

Note: when minutes are in draft mode, you can add the verbiage PENDING at the end of the title page until these minutes are officially approved. When minutes are approved you can edit the title of your page by simply removing the verbiage PENDING within the title, this will change your original URL.

Help Tips are available when in edit mode in the right hand navigation panel.

Editing meeting minutes page: Click on the minutes page you wish to edit, click ‘Edit’ from the top right hand area of the page, edit your page, click Save.

Participant Roster

As a new participant joins a group when signing the GPA, staff update the Participant Roster. A new participant can choose to have voting or non-voting status from the the online Group Participation Agreement (GPA) form.  This initial status is reflected by staff on the participant roster as the participant joins the group for the first time.

The participant roster page should be maintained by the Secretary (Chair if no Secretary) who manages quorum based on the participant attendance of meetings/teleconferences.

When a new participant joins a group, they choose voting or non-voting status and this is reflected on the participant roster. Thereafter, their status may change. For example, per the operating procedures if a voting participant has not attended two consecutive meetings, the participant falls into ‘non-voting’ status (upon discretion of the chair). The Chair should remind the voting participant in advance of the next meeting/teleconference of this rule making sure quorum is accurate for the next meeting, hence for consequential meetings/teleconferences.

A non-voting participant may wish to remain non-voting participant, but at the same time, join calls. We encourage non-voting participants to join meetings/teleconference and should the non-voting participant wish to update their status to voting status the chair should reflect this on the participant roster page.

Handy emocion codes you may wish to use on your Participant Roster -

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports must be completed and posted to the Leadership Council's page here:

This page collects the quarterly status reports for each Work Group and Discussion Group as submitted to the Leadership Council. These reports are called for in Sections 3.3.1 and 4.5 of the Operating Procedures. Please use the reports template to create new reports.

NOTE: The "status" reports are not "progress" or "activity" reports, but simple statistics on the group operations. The goal of the quarterly report is to simply identify that the group is still operational and should continue to be supported. As such, the report is not intended as a judgment of the group's effectiveness and is not used to evaluate goals and milestones achieved during the quarter. (The group shutdown process guidelines discusses how quarterly reports contribute to evidence of continued group activity.)

Working Drafts

The working drafts page is an area to maintain drafts of documents that are in draft form. When the documents are final, they can be stored in the ‘Contributions’ page.

If you have questions, please contact contactus[at]kantarainitiative[dot]org

Leadership Team

This is a sample of your leadership team roster which lives under your 'participant roster' page:


Filled by



Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date


Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date


Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date


Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date

Specification Editor

Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date

Editor (Other)

Insert name and link to participants work/website

By electronic ballot/acclamation, announced XXX date

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