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  • 2016-09-14 Draft Meeting Notes
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TFS Monthly Sync – Draft Meeting Notes

Wednesday, September 14, 2016




Peter Alterman, SAFE BioPharma

Andrew Hughes, KI LC Chair

Todd Shilhanek, Athenahealth

Colin Wallis, KI

Russ Weizer, Synchronoss

Ken Crowl, Experian

Paul Caskey, Incommon

Kevin Morooney, Incommon

Andrew Hatter, AYIN

Scott Shorter, Kimble & Associates

Ruth Puente, KI



Incommon Update


  • Incommon continues working on the initiatives of SIRTFI, Security Internet Response Trust framework.
  • They circulated the baseline practices and got lot of community feedback, which was incorporated in a final draft.  They are now working towards the implementation and communication plan.
  • In relation to Multifactor Authentication, a profile that has been approved by the community, they are waiting for the European discussions outcome within REFEDS, in order to use their namespace for the SAML authentication context URI for multifactor, so it will have broader utility and appeal.
  • Interesting discussion within SIRTFI surrounding entity attribute and the notion of exchanging trusted metadata between partners.


IAWG Update


  • 800-63-3 public draft: It was created an IAWG sub-group who had an open conversation on aspects of the draft. Kantara compiled 37 comments from the sub-group meetings, which were submitted to NIST through GitHub. Now the group is evaluating next steps. Kantara Community Comments
  • NISTIR 8112 Attribute Metadata public draft: It was created an ad-hoc discussion group to address this topic but in this case IAWG encouraged its participants to submit individual comments to NIST.  Ad-hoc discussion group
  • IDESG created a mapping and comparison exercise between its Identity Ecosystem Framework and the Kantara IAF and sent a first sharable comment draft to discuss with Kantara. The IAWG will create a small group to process the mapping and provide feedback to IDESG. The initiative will allow Kantara approved CSPs to claim credit for the Kantara approval – FICAM approval in the IDESG listing Registry.
  • The Leadership Council is encouraging the community to extend the topics of the discussion groups and start discussions in new and emerging areas.


SAFE BioPharma Update


  • They are working in proof of concepts; one related to implementing a standardized trust elevation schema for healthcare and health insurance, and the Blockchain proof of concept related to medical care use cases.
  • Meeting with Department of Commerce to engage them in SAFE´s effort to a normalized digital signature trust between EU and US issuers. Also, they are engaging the European Commission on authentication credential alignment.
  • SAFE picked up 2 new partners for FICAM Trust Framework 2.0 and they are expecting 2 more cross certified CAs for high assurance digital certificate for signing and authentication.
  • SAFE stressed that it is relevant to maintain a good collaborative relationship among the stakeholders as it was done for the 800-63-3-draft process, and it will be very important to keep that practice to address what would come out of the PMO regarding FICAM. 
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