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  • 2016-06-08 Draft Meeting Notes
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TFS Monthly Sync - Draft Meeting Notes

Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Scott Shorter, Kimble and Associates

Gary Wilson, SAFE

Ken Crown

Ken Dagg, IAWG Chair

Björn Sjöholm, Europoint

Lee Aber,

LaChelle LeVan, FICAM

Leif Johansson, ARB Chair

Kolin Whitley, Experian

Colin Wallis, KI

Ruth Puente, KI


Key discussion items


Kantara IAWG Update

  • Service Assessment Criteria version 4.6.0 is under member review until July 17th.
  • IAWG is working on criteria for privacy.
  • The IAWG meets biweekly, so they have decided to use the off-week time slot for an informal discussion group regarding NIST SP 800-63-3.  First meeting was on May 26th to discuss the new release of 800-63 and its potential impacts. The ad-hoc discussion group is not submitting comments; the IAWG encourages the participants to make comments as individuals. Kantara comment process for formal feedback will probably be in the fall.


FICAM Update

  • They plan to reach out to Trust Frameworks and have different proposals for a possible more streamline process to help getting services that are compatible and comparable for government standards. Also, they are planning a workshop together next month or the month after.
  • They are dedicated to make the process simpler showing comparability and helping services get utilized by government agencies.
  • Profiling work: SAML profiles that are in use get them updated and align back into e-Gov profile by end of this fiscal year.
  • In relation to Open ID connect profiles in addition to SAML profiles they will be following everybody´s leads. 


SAFE Update

  • They had a call with members to collect comments on 800-63-3 and they might consolidate the comments with the other TFPs.