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  • 2015-12-09 Meeting Notes
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Scott Shorter, Electrosoft.

Steve Smith

Lee Aber,

Ken Dagg, IAWG

Russ Weiser, Verizon

Ranjit Kher, athenahealth

Scott Perry, Scott S. Perry CPA, PLLC

Andrew Hughes, IAWG

David Dewey, Deloitte

Kolin Whitley, Experian

Christine Owen, GSA

Steve Skordinski, Electrosoft

Richard Wilsher, Zygma

Brian Lipsky, Kimble & Associates

Raymond Kimble, Kimble & Associates

Blake Hall,

LaChelle LeVan, GSA

Dennis Cronyn, Protiviti

Joni Brennan, KI

Ruth Puente, KI



This call is the Trust Framework Solution stakeholders Sync, including the TFPs, InCommon, SAFE, and FICAM, as well as NIST; the KI approved CSPs and Component, and accredited Assessors.

Purpose of the call

  • The idea is to move to a more conversational opportunity than a reporting space.
  • Benefit to share as a group on where the programs are, the pain points, etc.
  • Have a high level strategic call.
  • Create the culture to communicate between stakeholders.
  • Each participant shall think of a topic to raise in the Monthly Syncs.


Workshop “Enabling trustable innovation for comparability” – WDC January 14th

  • In the framework of the NIST technical workshop “Applying Measurement Science in the Identity Ecosystem”, January 12-13, 2016, there will be a side meeting/workshop on January 14th for the stakeholders that are on the call.
  • Focus on specific issues, how to bridge the innovating practice of private sector with the expectations from the government, particularly the federal government. Connecting the innovation with the public sector needs.
  • Date: January 14th, the day after the NIST workshop. A full day event.
  • GSA will provide facilities.
  •, Electrosoft, Experian, athenahealth are interested in the workshop.
  • Each participant shall suggest an agenda item for the meeting. Ruth Puente, the Assurance Program Secretariat will request agenda items to each of the participants.
  • Presentations in the morning (keynotes) and the rest of the day un-conference format (open space for issues that the attendees would like to discuss).


IAWG Update

The IAWG is the working group responsible for managing the KI framework (aligned with the US TFS and, and ensuring that the framework is internationally applicable.  

The IAWG is currently working on the following items:

  • Changing the Service Assessment Criteria format to an excel sheet database.
  • Compiling comments for the White Paper on Privacy Enhanced Identity Brokers. NIST seeks comments on new project aimed at protecting privacy online. Deadline: December 18th 
  • Restructuring the IAWG work platform, Wiki.
  • Exploring innovative solutions by inviting industry representatives to talk about new technologies.
  • Working with the E-government WG on protocol for relying parties.
  • KI encouraged the attendees to participate in the IAWG.


Open space

  • Industry concerns on how the 800-63 will change and the direction that will take, in light of time and money investment.
  • Changing standards is an open process to get feedback from the industry.
  • It is very important to build a communication culture in the process.
  • More open and active involvement of the industry experts in the process.
  • It was stressed that it is helpful to know the items for the open space before the call to enrich the discussion.
  • It was commented that in the European Workshop on Trust and Identity it was discussed the incentives to adopt standards, federated identity federations, adopting harmonization of various frameworks.  It would be good to focus on which is the incentive, why you should participate in a trust framework.
  • Share best practices among trust frameworks.


Next steps

  • Raise items to add into the agenda.
  • Bring use cases – examples.
  • Consider participating in the Workshop of January 14th.



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