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  • 2014 IAWG Roadmap
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2014 Roadmap Summary Chart

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For Month Cells:

 Target completion timeframe
 Target completion timeframe extension
 Activity is complete
 Target timeframe TBD

For Activity Column:

 Resource assignment or Target timeframe are TBD
 Activity at risk of missing target timeframe
 Activity has stalled, requires reevaluation
 Activity is complete
FICAM TFP (Trust Framework Provider)            
Review of SECs            
S3A Guide - 3520            
Review and rewrite the old profile rules            
Overhaul IAF document            
Modular IAF Model Report             
Resilient Trust Networks Phase 1            
Relying Party Guidelines            
Privacy Assessment Criteria            
IAF Alignment with ISO 29115            
Key Signing Ceremony Analysis            
IAF SAC Relationship to Safe Harbour Regulations            
Regular monitoring of ISO29003 drafts            


2014 Roadmap Details

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  • Title (if appropriate) and one line description of the Activity

Activity Type:

  • IAF Update - goes to All Member Ballot
  • Recommendation - goes to All Member Ballot
  • Report - goes to LC

Start+End Quarters:

  • Estimate the start and end of this Activity


  • Specify Lead resource and Supporting resources


  • Provide links to Meeting Minutes that caused this Activity to appear on the Roadmap


  • Dated status updates, normally monthly

TBD= To be determined


Priority (Urgency, Importance H|M|L)Activity TypeStart+End Quarters




FICAM TFPHrecommendationQ3Rich Furr 
  • Rich is working on the document. Scheduled to be complete by end of
Review SECsL  Peter A., Scott Shorter, Rich Furr  
S3A Guide - 3520H Q3Richard Wilshire 
  • Out for subcommittee review - need the document to go out to IAWG review and approval by mid-July.
Overhaul IAF documentH Q3  
  • Commercial profile - under leadership council (Peter Palmer)
  • International Core, target deadline end of August.
  • US Government Profile status?
Review and rewrite the old profile rulesM     

Privacy Assessment Criteria



Carried over from 2013
  • 2014-03-06: Chair to discover status from Exec Director
  • Awaiting handover from P3. IAWG will review this work from an identity perspective.
  • Chair to confirm handover interface and timing.

Modular IAF Model Report
(Was Decoupled Binding)

A paper describing the functional elements of a generalized Assurance Framework, model of interactions and deployment patterns. Intended to inform potential partitioning of SAC by Role.

 ReportQ2Andrew Hughes (L), Ken Dagg, Scott Shorter, Cathy Tilton, Richard WilsherCarried over from 2013
  • 2014-03-06: delivery slipped to Q22014
  • Initial draft is complete, awaiting feedback
  • Deployment Patterns section requires refinement.

Relying Party Guidelines




Carried over from 2013
  • 2014-03-06: Define scope and nature of doc in Q22014. 
  • Not launched; needs renewal of discussion; Chair to solicit IAWG for input into scope

IAF Alignment with ISO 29115




Carried over from 2013
  • 2014-03-06: Broader discussion with ARB required to determine alignment with Trust Framework programs in multiple jurisdictions.
  • ISO29115 is a basis document for ISO29003

Key Signing Ceremony Analysis

A report on analysis and impact to SAC



Lead required

Scott Shorter to support

Carried over from 20132014-03-06: Priority, scope and impact need to be defined.

Resilient Trust Networks Phase 1

Delivery of Phase 1 results


Patricia Hammar (L), Ken Myers

Carried over from 20132014-03-06: On track for delivery end-Q1 or early-Q2 2014

IAF SAC Relationship to Safe Harbour Regulations

Produce a Report on how the IAF SAC might or might not cover requirements of Safe Harbour (for Kantara consumption)

 ReportTBDTBDIAWG Meeting Minutes 2014-01-09
  • Held until specific need is identified
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