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  • 2010 Q3 Report
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2010-Q3 Report - IAWG

Date submitted: 06 DEC 2010

Officer positions:

  • Chair: Frank Villavicencio
  • Vice-Chair: Rich Furr
  • Co-Chairs: NAMES (Frank Villavicencio + Myisha Frazier-McElveen elected in Sept 2010)
  • Secretary: None / Vacant
  • Editor: David Wasley (FOG)


  • Total participants: 77
    • Voting: 11 ?(approx)
    • Non-voting: 66 (approx)
  • Total email list subscribers: 112 ?(approx)


  • Published meeting frequency: biweekly: 
  • Teleconferences held this quarter: 07
    • Quorate teleconferences: 05
  • Physical meetings this quarter: n/a
    • Quorate physical meetings: n/a


  • Draft specifications produced this quarter: US Federal Privacy Profile and FOG approved by the IAWG for all-member review
  • Reports produced this quarter: 0

Deadlines in the next quarter:

  • Expiration of group leadership positions: n/a
  • Deadlines listed in the group charter: Relying Parties Guidelines still TBD
  • Group-imposed deadlines: n/a

Liaison activity updates:

  • HIA-IAWG:  IAF & Patient Portal Project briefed to the WG on Sept 29th

Other comments:

  • The work group has been crafting a road map outlining milestones and deliverables going forward.
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