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  • 2010 Q1 Report
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Kantara Identity Assurance Work Group Quarterly Report


  • Report Date: March 30, 2010
  • Date Submitted: X
  • Group Name: Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG)


Officer Positions and Names:

  • Chair: Frank Villavicencio, Identropy
  • Vice Chair: Rich Furr, SAFE Bio-pharma
  • Secretary:

Officer Positions Currently Vacant:

  • Secretary:
  • Editor:

What are the active number of:

  • Total Participants: 67
  • Voting Participants: 22
  • Non-Voting Participants: 45
  • Total Email List Subscribers: 96


  • Published Teleconference Frequency: 2 per month
  • Estimated Number of Teleconferences this Quarter: 7
  • Number of Official Meetings this Quarter: 7
  • Number of Unofficial (aka BOF) Meetings this Quarter: 0

Reports and Specifications:

  • Number of Draft Specifications Produced this Quarter: 1 set - the IAF consisting of 5 components
  • Number of Reports Produced this Quarter: 0

Other Comments:

The US Federal ICAM provisionally approved the IAF as an adopted Trust Framework Provider at Assurance Levels 1, 2, and non-crypto 3. There is no condition that the ICAM must meet at this time for the provisional status to be removed. Rather, the provisional status will be removed once the ICAM completes their continuing requirements work.

The IAWG will submit the IAF specification set to the LC to request approval of an All Member Ballot to release the IAF as an Official Kantara Recommendation.

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