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This page contains the text of the IAF Ticket, relevant links, and Disposition information and status.

Ticket Metadata

Ticket # 328495
Date Received13 July 2013
Topic TitleOver-specification of acceptable protocols 
IAF Document IAF-1400
IAF Document Versionv3.0 
Links to Meetings IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-08-1
Final Disposition Add to IAF enhancements list

Ticket Text

Ticket # 328495
Line: 1417, 1598
It is listing particular techniques. IAF wants to be protocol and techniques independent.
Change the line to as follows.
These criteria apply to any credentials.

Discussion Summary (if applicable)


  • Suggestion from group is to use "These criteria apply to any credentials, for example, PIN, Password or SAML Assertions"
  • Editor to search for similar specification of particular methods, and include generalizing text as above.

Disposition: Add to IAF enhancements list