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Resources-Patient ID Portal pilot project

Healthcare viewed as a whole is vast and diverse.  Since almost everyone in society eventually participates in some way in health care it should not be surprising that health care is almost as varied as society as a whole.  The newcomer to the field may find it daunting to undertake to grasp the large number of organizations, associations, standards, guidelines, laws, policies, business requirements, technologies, etc. all existing, affecting and jostling for position within health care.

Health care is in some ways a well established field.  Lots of work has been done.  For instance there are lots of health care information technology standards, HL7, HITSP, and numerous other organizations and groups of standards within which there are likely thousands of individual standards. These IT standards fit into a context of law, policy and business arrangements or requirements, HIPAA, ARRA, etc.(add more here)

Attempting to create a Patient ID Portal within the health care environment is more complicated than might be the case in another context.  This rich body of existing work, albeit with significant and important gaps, makes the design and development of a project such as envisioned here into a substantial effort to wedge what otherwise might be a relatively easy to install round peg, into a multi-sided, oddly shaped hole. The effort will require substantial reshaping of the peg to fit the space allotted.

Materials of Reference since beginning of the Project

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