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  • HIAWG Meeting Notes 2013-06-06
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Kantara Initiative Health Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

Meeting not quorate - Meeting notes follow

Date and Time

Date: Thursday, 6 June 2013 
Time: 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET
Dial in: TurboBridge Conferencing

Health Identity Assurance Working Group Home Page

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  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Leadership Nominations / Election
    4. Upcoming Events page:
    5. Report out from latest LC meeting
  2. Discussion
    1. New Mission Statement for the Group
    2. WG Charter 
    3. Aligning efforts with, EHNAC, and IDESG 
    4. Deliverables for on-boarding healthcare worker digital identities
  3. Presentation on “A Privacy Strategy for the United States Healthcare Industry” (see attached)  - Barry Hieb
  4. AOB
    1. (proposed for next meeting) Presentation on conducting risk assessments for apps dealing with PHI - Linda Goettler
  5. Adjourn


As of 6 June 2013, quorum is 9 of 16

  • Barry Hieb
  • Laurie Tull
  • Pete Palmer
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Minze Chien
  • Rick Moore
  • Bill Braithwaite 
  • Nathan Faut
  • None 


  • Leadership Nominations / Election
    • Meeting is not quorate
  • Upcoming Events page:
  • Report out from latest LC meeting
    • Quarterly reports - HIAWG is waaaay behind
      • The quarterly report will be changed into a monthly survey to make it easier to provide information
    • Exec Director report - not much on this call
    • Election rounds happening soon
    • New work items: 
      • New Kantara Discussion Group - Identity of Things
    • Reached out to a University to see if interns can be sourced to help with secretary roles
    • WG Updates
    • Board of Trustees - 2 new orgs have been Approved as CSP - announcements soon
    • Will be a F2F LC meeting June 20-21 in Portland


New Mission Statement for the Group
    • Discussed the need for refocusing and fixing the charter
    • ACH to post a draft of the goals and mission statement for discussion
    • Important to note that HIAWG is the only forum for recommending adjustments to the KI IAF 
Aligning efforts with, EHNAC, and IDESG 
    • There is a pilot project underway that is examining how Health Providers might be ID Proofed once in an environment.
    • This might be a very good proving ground for the Direct-Kantara MOU
Deliverables for on-boarding healthcare worker digital identities
    • Carried over to next meeting
Presentation - Barry Hiebe

NOTE: Link to the Privacy whitepaper here:

  • The Privacy white paper proposes an approach for privacy in the US Healthcare environment
    • Published a few weeks ago by Global Patient Identifiers Inc. (GPII)
    • Healthcare Privacy environment is very complex
    • Some design considerations:
      • each individual has requirements
      • the system must be voluntary - if, when, how to participate
      • must be very simple
      • must be flexible
      • must work with existing systems - this is very challenging - no existing commonality wrt security, privacy, data segregation
      • patients and physicians must be empowered
      • concern has been raised that if there is good privacy, then standard of care will suffer - false dichotomy
      • allow for exceptions - e.g. break the glass scenario & its reversibility
      • make it as hard as possible to make errors, but as easy as possible to recover from errors
      • must be inexpensive to implement and operate
    • Accurate Patient Identification is essential
    • Suggest creating 2 types of identifier: Public and Private - give these to the patient and have them apply them as appropriate
    • This design concept is inherently simple and easy to explain
    • Currently doing proof of concept deployments
  • Questions
    • What path would be needed to standardize this in a way for vendors to implement?
      • Looking for ideas for best approach - engaging about 35 in the initial development stage of the whitepaper
      • This will have to be a grassroots approach - patient demand
      • e.g. if a patient pays for an encounter, then it must be segregateable from the data set & not reportable to the insurance company
    • Are there 'official' endorsements yet?
      • Looking to see if Kantara will endorse it
      • Would like to find some pilot sites to demonstrate how it works
    • Comment: Might be appropriate to send this out to the WG for comments, and possible sending to LC as a recommendation for approval/endorsement.
    • Most vendors have several identifiers in the system: external and internal. Is this approach similar? If so, the vendors would have to adopt this as the internal identifier, correct?
      • The whitepaper suggests methods that could be used to include the privacy identifiers into records for data segmentation
    • Have there been discussions with EHR vendors about what would be needed to implement this?
    • Comment: Perhaps look to Project VRM and similar initiatives for ideas around implementation
    • Comment: Perhaps reach out to Canada Health Infoway for ideas
    • Comment: Perhaps approaching EHNAC and Direct might help to get to vendors interested in working out some of the details
  • Please send comments on the whitepaper and potential connections to Barry.
  •  None raised

Action Items

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus
2013-06-06-001Provide a link to the Privacy WhitepaperAndrew6 June 2013

6 Jun 2013


2013-06-06-002Create and post straw man discussion version of new charter and goals for the groupAndrew13 June 2013 
2013-06-06-003Review and provide comments to Barry Hieb on the GPII Privacy whitepaperAll13 June 2013 




Next Meeting

DateThursday, 20 June 2013 
Time: 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET
Dial in: TurboBridge Conferencing


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