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Draft (for voting) of the PatientID Now Coalition  – April 2021

Patient ID Now 3 2021-04.docx

ONC Patient Matching Workshop 2020-08-31 Luis Maas

Comments submitted to the ONC on Identity and Patient Matching on 2020-08-31

Comments submitted to the ONC for the strategic plan 2020-2025. on 2020-02-05

20170131 annual member meeting slides FINAL.pdf

ONC Patient Identity and Matching Working Session – June1 2020

DRAFT 2020-06-25 Tom Jones--Proposal to Ensure Patient Choice on the Mobile Phone.docx

AuthN and AuthZ Assurance v2.docx  Catherine Schulten

Catherine Schulten requests HIAWG comments on this Summary:

NIST and MITRE identity proofing analysis v 2020-06-26.docx

Presentation Slides from the July 9th HIAWG meeting:  AllClear ID Presentation 

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CharterKantara Initiative StaffMar 23, 2020
Identity Assurance PrinciplesTom JonesFeb 01, 2020
White House RFI response re: data portabilityColin WallisNov 24, 2016