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  • 2021-06-03 Meeting notes -- DRAFT
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  • Per distributed agenda

Discussion items

5 MinCall to order and roll callTom Sullivan
  • Quorate
  • Recording!
5 MinApproval of draft minutes of  4/15/2021 and/or 5/6/2021 meetings.Tom SullivanDeferred
10 mins

Noteworthy news and member activities--


Tom Sullivan Last week editor of JAMA resigned under pressure., due to race-related blog. 

Colin WallisKI working with Women in Identity to provide them collaboration infrastructure. Latest ED Blog.

Barry R. Hieb Mentions his group is applying for funds with The Henry Ford Health System.  [TES

10 mins

XMS Briefing – Tom Sullivan

Colin Wallis

This is the substance of the most recent Carin Alliance meeting on Identification and Authorization on May 28.  Colin, Jim and I were in attendance. It's based on the recent HHS thinking about XMS functionality derived from NIST 800-63-x.  See Ryan's introduction and the PPT linked here:

For today’s call, we will be pleased to be joined by representatives from the Department of HHS who will be discussing their XMS functionality. The functionality allows for multiple IdPs to be supported within an HHS identity broker tool that is live and in production today. We have been talking to HHS for the last couple of months about how we might be able to use this functionality to begin to federate digital identities in health care and we want to further discuss this topic with the CARIN Digital ID group

Colin Wallis– Goes through NextGen XMS slide deck. New to us at Carin Alliance meeting.  Seems to be a sort of "portal" for access to HHS RPs. Of interest to KI because CSPs accepted for access to RPs would have to be certified for 63-3 compliance, including Kantara certification. 

Tom SullivanAdds that KI was mentioned favorably as well as  ID.ME and IDEMA. 

Barry R. HiebWhat's the next step for KI? Colin Wallis If we are interested, what are our concerns. IAWG seems interested. 

Tom Jones Is there any mention at all of patients??  

10 minsNew Business: NONE

5 minsAction follow-ups, next meeting date, and adjourn

Next meeting: June  17, 2021


  • Colin Wallis--try to arrange meeting with Deloitte re: XMS
  • Tom Sullivan–  invite Carmen S. to offer perspective on XMS project, help ID the HHS government Program Manager. 
  • Colin Wallis Tom Sullivan– resolve technical meeting start-up glitch.
  • Martin SmithUpload XMS briefing deck and insert link into  these Draft minutes. — ACTION COMPLETE