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  • 2020-11-12 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

5 MinCall to order and roll callTom Sullivan
  • Quorate
  • Recording!
5 MinApproval of draft minutes of Oct 29, 2020Tom Sullivan
  • Approved
10 mins

Noteworthy news and member activities--

Foster Bill:  At our request, Camen called Jeremy and verified that the latest version of the Foster bill included an amendment that added the request to lift the HHS research ban.

Discussed the Jeremy Grant's briefing to Kantara on the Foster Bill:  Overall most were pleased and said it was informative. There was agreement that HHS/CMS should be involved in crafting details, and Jeremy Grant indicated as such.

Dr. Tom made reference to the letter he and Colin are sending to selected individuals in support of lifting the ban against HHS funding research on digital identities; Tom Jones had sent a letter to his local Congressperson in support of this effort.

10 minsLumedic ConsortuimJim St.ClairJim St. Clair discussed Lumedic , a sovereign entity consortium in the Northwest that is providing a trust over IP, a distributed service. Links to their program were provided with Dr. Tom’s agenda today.  Jim S. will be sending another link to Dr Tom, a PowerPoint.. Jim S. is involved on his teams' Patient Identity Task Force and he had favorable comments to share regarding their technical team and governance service.
10 mins

PUDR Framework

We had a productive discussion relating to the Personal Data Use Receipt (PUDR) Framework; a service that does require some form of a digital signature function. Catherine and Jim K said they would develop a healthcare specific use case involving Consent/receipt for such for the December 3 meeting. This is a Kantara Initiative Work Group that Tom Jones is involved with. Catherine attached the most recent document published by the WG.

10 minsFollow up on the Authorized Certification Body (ACB) document (

Tom Jones asked all to review the Authorized Certification Body (ACB) document and please provide feedback; This is an outline of an opportunity for Kantara to offer up a trust service to ONC, but in order to develop a robust proposal we need to make sure the outline's' content touches all the value-add buttons. Send comments to Tom.

5 minsAction follow-ups, next meeting date, and adjournNext meetings: Dec 3 and Dec 17 


  1.  All requested to review and comment to Tom Jones ACB document.