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  • 2020-06-25 Meeting notes
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  • See Discussion Items below from the distributed draft Agenda

Discussion items

5 minsOpen meeting, Agenda review,Chair announcementsTom Sullivan
  • Meeting is being recorded
5 minsRoll call, prior meeting notesTom SullivanDraft pending
10 mins2.a. General discussion of news and activities since last meetingAll

-- e.g. updates on collaboration with other Kantara WGs and related non-Kantara initiatives -- Colin, others?
Carmen Smiley might join us as a liaison to ONC. Her colleague Rose-Marie Nsahlai is also interested in our work per Catherine and Colin since Debbie Bucci is retired from ONC.

Carmen: IT specialist ONC, 4 years at ONC. Various things, incl. patient record matching (vs. identity proofing.)  

Other? – Discuss IAWG work on NIST 63-3 criteria

Colin: ongoing dialog of CARIN Alliance around "federation contract" template. Goal is to submit to ONC designated agent. Colin has been designated as SME for ONC ID-related working groups. 

15 mins2.b Cath Schulten summary of ONC patient ID proofing meetingCatherine Schulten

Summary attached to distributed Agenda. (CS has updated version to be posted on HIAWG site.) CS-compare NIST and Mitre info on examples of evidence (eg, Insurance cards) Clearly insurance card is not "strong" ID evidence. Will be hard to get patients to IAL2 (per NIST standards.) Also, how can you federate these proofings? CS-- please review and comment on the current version:

Carmen: encourage CS to send in paper when ready. CS–Real-ID is good, but need 2 "strong" and need to be able to accept (federate) other institutions' proofings.  

5 minsBarry's proposal for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ) National Health IdentifierBarry R. Hieb

Barry R. Hieb Update: RWJ has 132 applications for their grant. Will announce 5 semi-finalist in July, for 3 ultimate awardees. 

10 minsTom J proposal ("Group of 6")Tom Jones

TJ: proposal for ONC to consider regarding developer  certification:

Would include KI SAC and an API to access developer status. Pete P (part of  the group) – update on status of application. Have not seen the RFI/RFC. TJ: maybe link to RFC/RFI is on draft material from TJ. Carmen asks for link. TJ to send to Smiley, Carmen (OS/ONC) <>

Also, TJ had meeting with self-issued identifier people, who need smartphone as a client. 

Colin/TomJ to coordinate to connect these two initiatives--STA and "Group of 6" proposal. 

5 minsSummary of actions and decisions, and adjournment to next meetingTom Sullivan

Colin: upcoming – Have one Identiverse slot. Thinking several KI WGs might jointly put on a virtual cocktail-hour discussion. Deadline short as usual--20 July, details tbd. 

Next meeting:  2 weeks.

Action items