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  • 2020-05-28 Meeting notes
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  • Progress elaboration of HIAWG Requirements, and address opportunities for engagement with Healthcare authorities and stakeholder groups  

Discussion items

5  minsCall to order and roll callTom SullivanQuorate
5 minsApproval of prior meeting notesApproved
10 minsGeneral discussion of interesting developmentsALL

Barry R. Hieb --NIH issued request for proposals for COVID tracking sw.

Ken Dagg IAWG sub-group has completed work for SAC for 63C,

Catherine Schulten – CS is participating in June 1 presentation on patient ID and records matching by dozen people to ONC. Agenda:

 Will be recorded.  June 24-- SME session put on by FAST, ID Tiger Team on matching (closed) ; CS will also be SME in Security TT. ONC "in a frenzy" on these topics, on fast track for possible legislation/funding.  

10 minsDiscussion: differences among the terms "Anonymity", "Pseudonyms", "Patient identifiers", "Break the Glass" and "Resilience"? How are they connected in a Healthcare Identity Ecosystem?ALL

Tom Sullivan Think these terms are intrinsically related. 

Barry R. Hieb Anonymity is not binary or absolute

Discussion of effect on "anonymity" of "break the glass". Tom Sullivan notes that accountability (for invoking BTG) has been considered part of the BTG package.  

10 minsUpdate on: Barry's proposal for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ) National Health Identifier.Barry R. HiebLatest: RWJ Foundation has issued RFP asking for innovation related to COVID. Very broad definition of relevance. Focus on small/micro US entities. First deadline June 12.  Barry is about to send in his proposal, to "fix patient identification problem." 
5 minsNew business

Tom Jones --Update on several things over last two weeks. Meeting on self-sov identity and Dig ID Found. and OpenID. We (KI) might want to follow this. TJ describes an architecture for federation; CS notes that her co. has deployed a similar solution. TJ says it seems a bit different: he relies on EHR systems to do ID proofing. "  While i am not sure it is clear, but the phone is not the identifier, it holds the binding between the subject and the ID. Tom also notes he is neutral on how authN is done. He is trying to take proposal to KI LC via Sal D'A. 

5 minsAction summary, next meeting and adjourn
Next meeting in two weeks; adjourn 3PM. 

Action items