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  • 2020-04-30 Meeting notes
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  • Progress Design Goals to Requirements

Discussion items

Roll call & minutes approvalTom Sullivanquorate
10 minRecent emails, meetings and brief discussionsall

Catherine Schulten – digital forums, once monthly: next 5 May noon eastern. On healthcare ID. Google: One-world Identity – OWI digital Forum, free. Register. CS AllclearID will present on enrolling techniques. 

Colin Wallis – Kantara contrib to STA white paper on mDL. Also Custech event coming up (was KC EIC). Also seeking support for Consent Receipt test cases developing work. 

10 minUpdates on Identity and Federation of Identities, Consumer Directed Exchange

Tom Sullivan: As predicted, we are beginning to move from Patient IDs to accurate patient matching with ONC promoting the long awaited transition. Jim Kragh  – trying to get with Moehrke HL7 to join forces. 

10 mins"Blue Sky " discussion of where we go next with ID design, goals, patient matching and related issues.all

Tom Sullivan – where should we go next in this WG? Catherine Schulten Has WG been tracking FAST ID WG ?

Carmen Smiley, Analise Martin, etc. in the WG in which CS is participating. 

2:36 PM
Catherine Schulten this is a list of attributes inventoried by the FAST identity task force:

10 minsWrap up discussion of latest revision of Barry Hieb's proposal for a more comprehensive list of Identity attributes ---We can "Blitz" though the list in 10-15 minutes and rank our interest in each item. See attachments.

Barry R. Hieb My goal: if we can define req for patient ID, that work could be pushed back to help OMC. Believe patient matching won't work, because will never get to total accuracy.

Catherine Schulten PM = probabilistic matching of records based on multiple attributes, then a unique identifier is assigned. 

10 minsNew Business: 

Should we get more involved? Carin and the Carequality Alliance. The Birth of Universal PHI Exchange? Also See attachment - "Consumer Directed Exchange"

5 minsAction items, next meeting, adjourn (5 mins ahead of the hour!) 
Maybe meet in 1 week if there is interest, Tom will send invitation. 

Action items

  • Tom Sullivan to check availability of this time-slot for a possible additional meeting next week. Also: agenda for next week to include Catherine Schulten presentation and carried-over Carin/Carequality agenda item
  • ALL to consider registering for Catherine Schultenrecommended OWI Digital Forum  presentations.