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  • 2020-04-16 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

5minRoll call and minutes approvalTom Sullivan

Call to order 2:05PM; roll call – quorate.

2020-04-02 Minutes approved;

Chair: we will start ending meeting 10 mins early to allow breaks between meetings. 

5minRecent emails, meetings and brief discussionsall
20minDiscuss draft updated FIRE WG letter with recommendations to ONC

Jim Kragh and Tom Jones  --FIRE WG hoping to provide recommendations for enhanced identity and patient matching in ONC strategy. Hope to make jointly with HIAWG  or even Kantara. 

Discuss different interpretations of  "resilience", including appropriate level of specificity appropriate for description of "Principles/Design Goals" vs. addressing specific failure use-cases or metrics.

NOTE; note-taker leaves meeting at about 2:40PM

10minContinue discussion of latest revision of Barry Hieb's proposal for a more comprehensive list of Identity attributes, design principles/goals

5minWrap-up and next meeting Tom Sullivan

Action items