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  • 2020-03-19 Meeting notes
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  • Progress NHID (Barry H document) alignment with HIAWG Design Goals

Discussion items

Roll callTom Sullivan
  • quorate 4 of 5 voting members present
15minsInteresting emails, events, discussion

Ken Dagg , others

Ken updates on IAWG activities; discuss relevance of IAWG work to HIAWG. Covers sub-WG on 63C (assessment criteria for NIST Federation Spec Pub.)
25minsDiscussion of Barry H's latest spreadsheet on the mapping between NHID and Design Goals.Barry R. Hieb

Barry reviews updated spreadsheet mapping. Tom S. suggests members try to look and comment on Barry's doc for discussion next meeting. Discussion of resilience and error recovery functions in the requirements, and perspectives of patients vs. healthcare workers and providers.

On request of Ken, Tom J provides link to background on IDESG IDEF Requirements and Sup Guidance in the meeting Chat.  

15minsAdmin, action items review and next meetingMartin Smith

Martin says we will try to record minimal meeting notes starting with this meeting, so that official decision of the WG are documented. Tom S. has recordings of past HIAWG meetings which can support reconstruction of notes for recent past meetings where a formal (voting) decision was taken by the WG.

Martin notes HIAWG rep has not yet voted on the LC ballot on the HIAWG draft Report. Ken notes that one individual cannot have two votes in LC, even if representing two WGs. Tom S will cast HIAWG vote on the current LC ballot as he has just now been able to access the ballot.  

Next meeting in two weeks, usual time. 

Action items

  • Tom Sullivan Cast HIAWG vote on LC ballot to approve HIAWG draft 
  • All, to review before    and "score" Barry's mappings in NHID spreadsheet (.xls doc attached to Agenda for this meeting).  Marked-up scoring to be posted to the HIAWG list and Barry R. Hieb will consolidate.