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  • 2020-03-05 Meeting notes
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  • Review LC comments and suggestions on WG draft Healthcare Design Goals report; progress development of more detailed healthcare requirements based on mapping HIAWG Design Goals to Barry H's NHID document  

Discussion items

5 minsRoll call, agenda review and Chair remarksTom Sullivan
  • Quorate
10 minsDiscussion of recent interesting news and developmentsAll
20 minsDiscussion of LC (Ken D) comments on draft Design Goals Report 

Ken Dagg and All

WG voted to approve revisions addressing LC comments and re-submit revised report to LC for review/approval. 
15 minsDiscuss mapping between Design Goals and NHID documentBarry R. Hieb

Action items

  • Martin Smithto submit revised WG-approved draft Design Goals to LC for review 
  • All to review Barry R. Hiebinitial mappings between Design Goals and NHID document