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  • 2014-04-10 HIAWG Meeting Minutes
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Kantara Initiative Healthcare Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

Date and Time


  • Pete Palmer (C )
  • Andrew Hughes (VC)
  • Rich Furr
  • Terry Gold
  • Barry Hieb
  • Ron Moser
  • Jerry Cox
  • Remy Lyle
  • Peter Alterman


  • Bill Braithwaite

Notes & Minutes



Metrics group
  • Need more participation on that group - progress is stalling
Cross-mapping group
  • Ron and Rich have started going through the ENHAC requirements and SAC requirements - more work needed
    • Progress is being made, but slowly 
    • Big time hit from the FICAM requirements alignment work going on in IAWG - urgent deadlines
  • Some discussion last time was joining the IAWG mapping work - however there are significant differences, limiting the upside

Potential outreach for research:

  • Debbi Bucchi - at ONC might have some interest ( ) - what part of HHS/ONC might have an interest in this topic?
    • Andrew to arrange a call with Debbie/Joni to discuss participation in HIAWG
  • Tom Sullivan (IDESG Health) - chatted with Pete previously - was interested 
  • Need to re-surface the 'burning need' - Terry to send to Andrew
Braithwaite - HIMSS Task force on Identity Management
  • The HIMSS board launched a task force
    • One meeting held- planning
    • Patient identity information is not being handled well in Healthcare - much variability and no interoperability or ability cross-match
    • Concept is to leverage HIMSS membership to gain standardization in patient identification and attribute management to enable appropriate linking-matching for record matching
    • The starting point is standardization of attribute data
    • The charter is available from Bill Braithwaite on request
  • Contact Mike Kroll to join the list
  • Offer was made to coordinate between groups as appropriate
FICAM TFS updates
  • This should have impacts on any organization needing to interact with Federal Government
    • The ONC trust framework does not align perfectly with FICAM or FBCA - this gap is a general concern which will cause non-interoperable solutions
    • This may not be resolvable
  • Should HIAWG try to identify the impact that non-interoperable solutions will cause? Yes, if possible - and need to consider who would consume the message.


Next Meeting

  • Date: Thursday, 2014-04-24
  • Time: 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 10:00 ET | (time chart)
  • United States Toll +1 (805) 309-2350
    Alternate Toll +1 (714) 551-9842
    Skype: +99051000000481
    • Conference ID: 613-2898