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  • FIWG Meeting Notes 2012-09-20
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Role Call

  • Allan Foster
  • Rainer Hörbe
  • Mary Ruddy
  • John Bradley

Minutes Sept. 6

Allan moves to approve, Rainer seconds. 


1.  eGov profile

Discussion with the Netherlands regarding the e-Recognition SAML profile.

AI: Please have a look at Rainer’s contribution on the wiki to be able to return this as a WG result. 

2.  Canada's contribution of CATS v2.0 test Cases

Ken was away, no notable activity since last call.

AI: Colin to follow up with Ken 

3. Austrian gov profile for Fedlab Test cases

Still waiting for response from Geant (Licia). They might be waiting for more concrete requirements. Need to collect the Austrian requirements:

  • Primary test target are SPs to ensure painless integration into the federation. Need to specify API success/failure messages that the SP can return to the test IdP and test Disco Service.
  • Rainer will use the full matrix test plan as a starter. (-> wiki SAML 2.0 Full Matrix Test Event)
  • Need to test for attributes and its values. The basic eGov profile does not have attributes. The test harness should provide some extension mechanism for this tests.
  • pySAML will be the core lib, Andreas is providing the GUI.
  • AI: Rainer will circulate draft requirements on the list and collect feedback. The result will be forwarded to Geant.

Rainer: Would like to see a profile template that would provide guidance how to write a deployment profile, and enable to test if some SAML deployment profile is a a complete and compliance eGov profile.

Colin mentioned the CA profile, that covers that functionality.

John: Some material related to eGov-profile should be moved/linked to the FI wiki. (like the CATS document)

4. SAML2int profile.

Profile updates

            Wiki page

Postponed to next call.

5.  AOB.

Next call in 2 weeks on Oct 4th.

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