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  • FIWG Meeting Notes 2012-09-06
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Allan Foster

Marry Ruddy

Colin Wallis

John Bradley
Scott Cantor 


  • Received minutes for 19th July and Aug 24
    Proposed to accept 
     19 July,  Colin   
     24 Aug,  Scott 
    Both are unanimously accepted.
    1) Waiving secret ballot - No objections.
    One nominee,  Colin called for acclamation seconded by Scott  
    No discussion,  Allan is declared elected as co-chair.
1. eGov Profile
Colin reported no update  non quorum on call (Labor day)
Colin points to e-recognition profile (from Netherlands). on eGov front page. eGov is calling for comments. We have been asked to review.  Rainer has started. 
Do not yet have CATS v2.0 profile.  No desperate need,  but we would like to get them.  In their interests if they want them part of the test suite.
Roland looks to us for description of the tests,  so he can make them.
We need to decide to start with IDP or SP functionality,  easier for IDP tests.
Fedlab tests need to be able to test "real" relying parties.
Documentation of test cases.  discussion around how to define success and failure of the tests ensued.
Discussion about a SAML Instrumentation Profile for automated validity checking of SAML transactions.  Suggested that this is more in scope on the SAML2 wg.
Scott pointed out,  that for an SP,  for a Given relayState,  has a consistent "Success" response,  would allow basic success/fail on standard transactions.
2.  Austrian Govt Profiles
Austrian govt supplies some of the money.
Rainer owns this, seems on track.
3.  SAML2Int profile 
Would be nice to know what the overlap between Austria,  and SAML2Int
Invite Roland onto a WG call, to discuss how we develop the tests for SAML2Int. (et al)
Discussion ensued over overlap between SAML2Int and Austrian profile.
Discussion over Language profiles negotiation in canadian profile.
AI:  John will talk to Roland over how we develop tests.
The SAML2Int tests could be as simple as "Redo on new infrastructure"


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