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  • FIWG Meeting Notes 2011-05-26
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John Bradley
Leif Johansson
Philippe Clement
Scott Cantor

Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call — quorum not reached
  • Reminder of Motion of Minutes Approval: 14 April 2011
  • Unable to approve minutes as quorum was not met.


2. LEGO Update

  •     Should the FI WG participate?

RE Feds announcement

  • See : Barriers for Service Providers presentation at REFEDS email thread from Leif
  • Fed Operator would step in as an assessor and act as an assessor to the OIX ICAM TFW
  • Using peer software would handle inter-federation metadata
  • FIWG would participate to suggest best practices or use it as a learning forum
  • InCommon position: observing but not participating

mdx update:

  • Leif has pushed some query formats on the list
  • Leif will circulate version 2 of the draft....(look to list)

3. AOB


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