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  • FIWG Meeting Notes 2010-10-21
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What follows are meeting notes from the Kantara Initiative F2F in Paris

John Bradley
Bill Braithwaite
Philippe Clement
Benoit Bailleux
Trent Adams
Fulup Ar Foll
Alam Mohammed
Mikaël Ates

Dialing in:
Leif Johansson
Bob Cope

Anna Ticktin
Oliver Maerz

1. Trust Trameworks defined:  meta sets of rules by which a community has interests

2. IdP's flow into Trust Frameworks which in-turn flow to federations. ie: Equifax ---> OIX ---> US, or University of Washington ---> InCommon ---> Us...

3. Where does the Kantara IAF fit in? It is a tool that individual federations can use to assess criteria.

4. OIX will be a listing service: "this IdP is compliant with ICAM LoA 1..."

6. Trent and Leif to circle off-line on DNSSec contacts

7. ISOC and Oracle are exploring an option of developing a box / tool for testing.

8. In regards to FIWG / Kantara, Leif suggests Sweden, as an example, would like to see independent 3rd parties as assessors.

9. SAML MetaData Tech Notes:

10.  The FIWG may need to explore a different time slot to accommodate more EU participation.

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