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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2012-01-19
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Hank Mauldin
John Bradley
Bob Morgan
Andreas Solberg
Scott Cantor
Nate Klingenstein
Mary Ruddy
Debbie Bucci

Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call---Quorum Achieved
  • Notes from last call FIWG Meeting Minutes 2012-01-05
  • Scott moves to approve the minutes as recorded on 5 Jan 2012. Hank seconds. With no further discussion or objection. The motion passes

2.  SAML2int profile

  • Participants discussed profile updates
  • John is suggesting to ratchet up the focus on TLS at the client level, and decrease the emphasis on XML encryption.
  • SAML2Int addresses this to some extent, but it might be better to be more explicit and increase the caveats.
  • FIWG will focus its efforts initially on the smaller, "no brainer" items (such as signing & encryption)---things that most obviously must be addressed. And if there are more contentious issues, the group could push those off for more intense discussion, as something to be re-evaluated more thoroughly by the community down the road.
  • ACTION ITEM 2012-01-19 Scott---will push comments to the list as soon as possible.

3.  AOB


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