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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2011-04-14
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John Bradley
Scott Cantor
Rich Furr
Leif Johansson
Chris Leggett
Matt Tebo
Mary Ruddy

Hank Mauldin

Anna Ticktin

Meeting Minutes:


  • Roll Call
  • Reminder of Motion of Minutes Approval  31 Mar 2011
  • Moved: Rich Furr
  • Seconded: Matt Tebo
  • With no discussion or  objection, the minutes are approved as recorded.

2.TFMM Work Group Update

  • The TF MM WG has launched and is now taking on members.
  • Its first telecon is targeted for the F2F in Berlin. Dial-ins will be made available.

3.  IANA Registry for LoA Identifiers

4. White Paper---Bob Morgan

  • This item will be carried over until John has a chance to connect with Bob for an update.

5. MDX Update

  • Scott loosely suggests a Shibboleth V3 SAML IdP 2012 release seems probable if scope-creep can be minimized. It will support making MDX queries.
  • There is also someone in the Shibboleth project working on a MDX provider for their data validation module. 
  • Actually PEER is a collaboration between WAYF, InCommon, SWAMID, ISOC
    and Terena. The project is contracted to have a front end built for Leif's MDX implementation.
  • Leif confirms the Czech team has probably been testing it against HSMs

6. AOB

  • The WG discussed Federation Operators and federated meta data regarding multiple actors; specifically regarding relationships between Kantara, OIX, FICAM and Safe BioPHarma.
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