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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2011-03-31
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These minutes have not yet been approved.


John Bradley
Mary Ruddy
Chris Leggett
Matt Tebo
Ross Foard [DHS]

Hank Mauldin

Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call
  • Reminder of Motion of Minutes Approval 17 March 2011
    Motion to approve the minutes as captured:  Chris Leggett
    Seconded: Matt Tebo
    No discussion or objection, the minutes are approved.

2.TFMM proposed Work Group Update

  • The LC approved the charter.  Notification will go out shortly and a kick off meeting is targeted for the Berlin F2F.
  • ITUT is interested in participating in this work group with the output of the group being an ITUT standard.
  • The work group would attempt to define the actors and controls that would comprise a trust framework. It should be a high level mapping tool for TFWs (highlighting gaps).

3.  IANA Registry for LoA Identifiers

  • This has come up on the ARB, should their be a registry, and if so what would it look like?
  • Concept: create an official registry where vendors could get their URIs blessed.
  • It would be a MIME type registry, less GTLD.
  • The suggestion is coming from IANA (Internet Authority on Assigned Names and Numbers)

4. White Paper — Bob Morgan

  • Unable to attend.

5. MDX Update — Leif

  • Unable to attend

6. AOB

  • Catalyst will not have an InterOp, but efforts are being made to have one the preceding week at the Cloud Summit.


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