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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2011-03-17
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John Bradley
Hank Mauldin
Mary Ruddy
Rainer Horbe
Rich Furr
Bob Morgan
Chris Leggett

Anna Ticktin



  • Roll Call
  • Reminder of Motion of Minutes Approval  3 Mar 2011
    Motion to approve the minutes as recorded : Rich Furr.
    Hank seconds. With no discussion or objections, the minutes are approved.

2.TFMM proposed Work Group Update

  • The LC is considering a proposal to manage TFW touching WGs by subcommittee.
  • Additionally, there is a charter before the LC for a TFW MM WG. This would be short-lived WG that would be spun up simply to complete this deliverable. (mapping between various frameworks as they evolve).
  • If you have interest in joining the charter as a proposer, contact Rainer or John.

3.  Trust models

  • The WG discussed various trust models before considering the question of building a PKI-only trust model for SAML or other assertion providers?
  • Rainer composed a trust model white paper on this (exclusive of PKI) and previously circulated to the group.

5. MDX Update ---Leif

  • Leif was not in attendance, but members can look to the list for threads on this topic.

6. AOB

  • None


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