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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2011-02-03
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These minutes were approved on 3 March 2011.


John Bradley
Hank Mauldin
Trent Adams
Scott Cantor
Bob Morgan
Chris Leggett
Sarah Louie
Keith Uber
Mary Ruddy

Anna Ticktin

Meeting Minutes:


  • Roll Call

Upcoming F2F opportunities:

  • Trent, John and Bob Morgan will be at RSA. FIWG will attempt to get an item up on the agenda.10 May Munich (Pre EIC Summit)---
  • IIW is upcoming the week prior to EIC.
  • PING Cloud Id Summit is upcoming as well. Kantara will have a 2 half day sessions. (18-19th July).

2. MDX and PEER update:

  • Without Leif on the call to report out officially, the summary is that a number of people are developing  a number of tools and there may be a number of federations set up eventually

3. Discussion on creating a White paper on Interoperable meta-data for federations.

  • Question: Is this a marketing or technical piece?
  • Answer: John suspects it will probably be more of an explanation for a non-technical audience.
  • The document should probably address some historical context.

ACTION ITEM 20110203-01 Bob Morgan---will take a first stab at evangelizing this work.

4. AOB

  • The next call conflicts with the RSA conference. The WG has decided to cancel and provide a full report on the next FIWG call instead.
  • Federation Lab: Bob Morgan and Keith Uber will be sending some information around via the list.


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