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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2011-01-06
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These minutes were approved on 03 Feb 2011.


John Bradley
Scott Cantor
Chris Leggett
Hank Mauldin
Mary Ruddy
Matt Tebo

Rainer Hoerbe
Bob Morgan
Rich Furr

Leif Johansson

Joni Brennan
Anna Ticktin


Roll Call

  • Moved: Rich Furr
  • Seconded: Hank Mauldin
  • No discussion. Motion carries.

2. Identity Federation Constellations and Use Case Overview — Rainer

  • Rainer is attempting to pull various workgroup efforts and policy docs to create an overall vision of what Trust Frameworks are.
  • We don't want a monolythic framework, but a model of what's contained in a complete Trust Framework---from there gaps can be analyzed.
  • Instead, we should target a common vision of what a Trust Framework is and how to describe it?
  • Do we want to ask IAWG  to try to describe this big picture and level set for the IAF? How do we coordinate this effort within Kantara.
  • This is excellent joint work for OIX and Kantara. Perhaps ABA.
  • Who will own developing this collateral?
  • This discussion should include other policy-centric Kantara workgroups.

3. AOB

  • The GSA is still attempting to be a Federation Operator.
  • Egovernment Trust Solutions (eGTS)
  • eGovernment MetaData Authority (eGMA)
  • Deliverables:
    1. design doc
    2. CP and CPs
    3. CP-like document for meta-data service


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