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  • FIWG Meeting Minutes 2010-07-15
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John Bradley
Matt Tebp
Mary Ruddy
Leif Johansson
Scott Cantor
Don Thibeau
Hank Mauldin


Joni Brennan
Anna Ticktin


Myisha FrazIer-McElveen


1. Administrative:
ACTION ITEM 20100715-01 ANNA: update quorum and notify members of shift in voting status due to accessive non-attendace.

Roll Call---Quorum adjusted to 4 of 7. This is a quorate call. What follows are official minutes.

Approval of previous meeting minutes: Don Thibeau moves. Leif seconds. 2 June 2010 meeting minutes approved. All other subsequent mtg notes will remain as informal record. No objection>

2. Call for secretary volunteers---None.

3. Issues for the Burton Interop:

  • Equifax intending to participate
  • InCommonSo far we don't have participation from them as a IdP.
  • Is there any incentive at University of Washington? ie: PR perks to the University?
  • LOA2 capable demos from any EU Universities? Leif (John to outline needs/requirements for Leif )

4. Use Cases---none

5. AOB

  • Certificates don't need to be cross certified for signing assertions.  That is the goal of using meta-data
  • PKI is important for validating the metadata
  • APPs opened up to LOA2: Nat'l Children's Study, Pub-Med, [want to use Univ/INCOMMON credentials as well]

Adjourned at 1:09

Next Meeting:

DATE: Thursday 22 July 2010

TIME: 12p PDT / 3p EDT / 19:00 UTC

Teleconference Info:
*         Skype: +9900827042954214
*         North American Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
*         Room Code (Pass Code): 2954214

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