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  • eGov Meeting Notes 2010-02-01
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Kantara eGov Group Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Monday, February 1st, 2010
  • Time: 13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 22:00 CET


  • Colin Wallis, DIA, Government of New Zealand (Chair)
  • Fulup Ar Foll, Sun Microsystems (Vice Chair)
  • Shin Adachi, NTT
  • Thomas Grundel, IT Crew, for Government of Denmark
  • Scott Cantor, Internet 2
  • Bob Sunday, TBS, Federal Government of Canada
  • Andrew Lindsay-Stewart, FuGen Solutions Inc
  • Joni Brennan, KI Staff


  • Patricia Wiebe, Provincial Government of Canada
  • John Bradley


1) Roll call for Quorum determination 1
2) Approve December and January Minutes 2 and 3
3) Review status of Action Items Summary 4 (CW)
4) Review of SPOCS and next steps (Vice Chair Fulup/All)
5) Consideration of Liaison with OASIS eGov (interest has been expressed over there) (All)
6) Review of eGov Profile threads (All)
7) KI eGov BoF at RSA - finalise details (All)
8) Kantara F2F Portland - final agenda due today 1st Feb! (All)
9) eGov SAML 2.0 Profile V2 draft 5 (All)
8) LC and BoT updates (Incl. Assurance Review Board, Interop Review Board) (CW)
9) AOB..(please Reply All by return, to the list)



Meeting Notes

1. Roll call for Quorum detemination
  • 6 out 9 voting members on the call, mainly due to a call conflict arising from the OASIS/RSA interop prep call.
  • Quorum not reached.
2. Approve December and January Minutes
  • No Quorum so Minutes could not be approved
  • Agreed to circulate previous Minutes on list for vote.  [If Quorum still not reached 'Minutes' will be relabelled 'Notes' to indicate their status]
3. Review status of Action Items Summary
  • Colin's action to send December (and January) Minutes to list for electronic vote - closed
  • Joni's action to introduce JIRA is proceeding. Will liaise with Scott on config - open
  • Colin's action on finding a room for the BoF at RSA (is Marriott 2nd floor) - closed
  • Colin's action to flesh out Portland eGov agenda - closed 
4. Review of SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross - border Services) EU Project
  • Fulup provided a comprehensive review of SPOC activities and challenges and opportunities as he saw them
  • SPOCS at a higher level than STORK project that denmark is associated with. [Mention made of concern that STORK's LoAs are different from NIST/KI IAF 
  • Significant MS influence angling towards a product solution rather than a specification
  • Significant focus on Adobe's dynamic PDF (XML) 
  • Audience not highly technical, not aware of Liberty/KI protocols and trying to invent their own
  • Difficult to communicate with given the static nature of the website
  • Fulup suggests a liaison: 2 from them to us, and 1 of us to them. Agreed. Action 2010-02-01-1: Colin to provide Liaison process to Fulup to progress  
  • FEDICT project in Belgium doing SAML 2.  There could be mutual benefits in them joining this KI eGov WG
5. Consideration of Liaison with OASIS eGov 
  • Bob spoke in support of this, to use the OASIS eGov Member Section as a conduit to feed back comments on OASIS specs in general. A specific example was the lack of <language> in SAML, so that dual or multi language secure messaging had to be done in HTTP with some attendant problems
  • It was agreed to progress this liaison. Action 2010-02-01-2: Colin to progress with the L/C. 
6. Review of eGov Profile threads 
  • General note that the list had been very active of late.
  • Bob: V2 should have metadata regarding LoA
  • Bob: V2 should have test procs included. Scott: Test procs on core already publsihed. We would not want to have multiple instances. V2 should only consider having any test procs incremental to SAML core.  Action 2010-02-01-3: Colin to circulate link to Test Procs still on Liberty site
  • Scott: We want to find a way to accomodate Open SSL, Open SAML etc.  It's not the $$ for the tests that's so much the issue, it's the time.  A condieration for the IOP WG (when it forms) and the IRB.
7. KI eGov BoF at RSA
  • Pretty much done.  Probably focus on the deployment section of the eGov Profile V2 since it is mostly deployers attending.
8. KI F2F in Portland - agree final agenda today!
  • No further comments were received so the detailed agenda will be published as drafted and circulated to the list by Colin some weeks ago.
  • Discussion on time slots given over to eGov and whether the Thursday pm slot could be shifted to the morning so Europe folks can join via teleconference bridge during the working day than later in the evening.  Action 2010-02-1-4: Colin to confirm with Dervla.
9. eGov SAML 2.0 Profile V2 draft
  • No further discussion beyond that already had, but will continue ideas on the email list
10. LC and BoT updates
  • Colin noted that an additional person had been nominated for the IRB (from Ping Identity)
  • Colin noted that a draft of the Interop WG charter had been seen circulating. This much needed progress to this WG was welcomed by those on the call.

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