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Kantara eGov Work GROUP Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009
  • Time: 12:30 PST | 3:30 EST | 20:30 UTC


  • Fulup Ar Foll
  • Scott Cantor
  • Bob Sunday
  • Brian James
  • Colin Wallis
    NOTE: Quorum not met.


  • Soren Peter Neilsen
  • Kyle Meadors


  1. Review of Minutes from last meeting
  2. eGov WG Recruiting Efforts
  3. Update on Vice Chair Ballot
  4. AOB


1. Review of Minutes from last meetings


  • No Comments to the minutes. There is no quorum today so approval of the minutes will be tabled for the next conference call.
2. eGov WG Recruiting Efforts


  • Fulup: Reaching out for a contact in the French government but has not been able to reach success yet.  In France they announced last week the generalization of the use of Mon Service Public portal for government services to individuals. 
  • Bob:  Good to have a balance between government reps and the industry representation.  Point noted.
  • General Question:  Is it possible to have another eGov summit like we had previously in Brussels?  The last time we polled, others did not support the idea, preferring to continue to develop the SAML eGov profile to version 2 by adding metadata and guidance on server side PKI, and start development on international profiles of OpenID and InfoCard. 
  • Bob - 2 additional items to add to eGov profile
    • Formalizing the optional metadata elements to support levels of assurance methods
    • Language - how to manage the various languages for authentication
  • Quick summary on conformance testing:  There is progress toward the launch of the Interoperability Review Board before Xmas, which will cover SAML, Web Services and others.
  • Develop membership from work items:  There is a need for us to identify who the people from other governments are that we could approach that would be motivated by our work programme - perhaps Netherlands and UK given their interest in the ICAM initiative.  Then we could target the other representatives, such as Norway and France who could contriubte to our group.
3. Update on Vice Chair Ballot


  • Ballot update.  Fulup has already acquired the votes needed to carry the motion.  The motion closes Nov 5 and we can make an announcement after that time.
4. AOB
  • Fulup:  French Government is going to extend it's authentication program that expands on the current portal for eGov services.  It's going to be extended so that all French government services will be accessible through that portal.  The are also working to improve the process to access the portal via web.  From a technical standpoint, it uses LASSO WSF 1.0 for the IdP and OpenSSO for the services provider. 
  • Colin:  Next steps on IC and OpenID profiles: Action 2009-11-04-01: Analyse current schemes. 
  • Fulup:  Suggest asking the Fraunhofer Institute to present the demo they presented while Fulup was at the Berlin conference.  The demo consists of a combinded SAML and InfoCard deployment.  The group felt that this would be an interesting presentation for the group.  Action 2009-11-0-02: Joni to follow up on a possible demo of the Fraunhofer presentation for Kantara wide consumption.
  • Orange has created an interesting login page.  Fulup suggests that we ask Gael what link is best to share to show this login page to the group.  Action 2009-11-04-03: Fulup to follow up with Gael and share link.
  • Bob: Procurement out on CA's RFP/ procurement site:
  • Fulup: Potential EU location for future F2F meeting is Villamora, Portugal, outside of sailing season.  Action 2009-11-04-04: Joni to advise Dervla.
  • Colin is at the ISO SC27 IdM Meetings.  Brett is there as well observing. There seems to be a sense that Kantara Initiative could contribute to some ISO SC27 WG5 standards.  It seems that feedback and input would be generally well recieved from Kantara Initiative to ISO.

Next Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2009
  • Time: 12:30 PST | 3:30 EST | 20:30 UTC (Time Chart)
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