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Kantara eGov Working Group Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: 15, March, 2010
  • Time: 13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 21:00 CET


  • Shin Adachi, NTT
  • John Bradley, Individual/GSA
  • Scott Cantor, Internet2
  • Thomas Grundel, IT Crew, Denmark
  • Bob Sunday, Fed Govt Canada
  • Matt Tebo, Protivity, GSA
  • Colin Wallis, DIA, NZ Government
  • Andrew Lindsay-Stewart, FuGen Solutions
  • Joni Brennan, Staff


  • Tom Lowenhaupt


1) Roll call for Quorum determination 1
2) Approve December, January and Feb Minutes 2, 3 and 4
3) Review status of Action Items Summary 5 (CW)
4) Update: Liaison with OASIS eGov (interest has been expressed over there) (CW and staff)
5) Update: Progress with eGov SAML 2 Profile V2 6 (All)
6) Report: eGov BoF at RSA and Kantara F2F Portland - (All attendees)
7) LC and BoT updates (Incl. Assurance Review Board, Interop Review Board) (CW)
8) AOB..(please Reply All by return, to the list)


Meeting Notes

1. Roll call for Quorum determination

Summary: 7 out of 17 members on the call, so quorum not reached. Meeting notes will be taken but not minutes

2. Approve December, January and Feb Minutes

Unable to be done due to quorum. Resolved to record these 'Minutes' as meeting notes

3. Review status of Action Items Summary
  • Noted that most actions were now closed, or in progress
  • Noted that the Liaison with OASIS eGov was completed announced March 8th (Colin)
  • Noted that request for Liaison with SPOCS had been declined (Fulup)
  • Noted that Commentary on Action 2009-09-15-1 regarding IPR was confusing and should be removed, but action should forwarded to John and Terry for further review
4. Update: Liaison with OASIS eGov
  • Noted as action completed.
  • OASIS eGov to act as a funnel/focal point for all Kantara to input views with an eGov element into various OASIS standardisation efforts
  • OASIS eGov in the process of drafting a White Paper on the Pitfalls of eGovernment
  • OASIS eGov has quite a strong European representation 
5. Update: Progress with eGov SAML 2 Profile V2
  • eGov BoF at Marriott/RSA was successful if lower attendance than indicated. Attendees were BC Govt, SUN, NTT, FuGen, CA, NZ Govt
  • 'Objectives' email thread following the BoF had assisted in clarifying the scope of the draft
  • Great progress made on the draft during the Portland week, with 2 lively and well attended one hour calls.  Tuesday's call focussed on discussion of   Open Issues in Appendix A.  Scott was able to release a Rev 0.2 between the Tuesday and Thursday call, making Thursday's call focussed on context specifc questions. 
  • Bob raised the requirement for <Language> in SAML. Scott said the requirement needed to be captured by all governments that need it and submitted to OASIS SSTC
  • Bob asked for feedback on Canada's early draft deployment profile (for those things that need to be constrained from SAML 2.0 specs and eGov 1.5 profile), particularly the format and layout. Colin agreed to provide an example of the format from NZ's meesaging specs.
6. Report: eGov BoF at RSA and Kantara F2F Portland 
  • Covered  above
7. LC and BoT updates
  • Joni outlined emerging test schedule, with 'In queue' testing against eGov 1.5 in May and full matrix for both egov 1.5 and 2.0 in September. DGI had been awarded test operator for full matrix.
8. AOB 

Next Meeting: tbc due to Easter and time zone changes but probably ...

  • Date: Monday, April 12, 2010
  • Time: 13:00 PDT | 16:00 EDT | 22:00 CET (08:00 Tues 13th NZ) (Time Chart)
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