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Kantara Initiative helps to grow markets by accelerating interoperability of digital identity services. The Identity Assurance Work Group (IAWG) maintains and evolves the Identity Assurance Framework.

Kantara Initiative is the ONLY internationally applicable cross-vertical Trust Framework Provider servicing Assurance Levels 1, 2 and 3 non-PKI for the US Identity Credential and Access Management (ICAM) Program.

Kantara Initiative:

  • Approves: Credential Service Providers and Service Components
  • Accredits: Assessors and Auditors



Identity Assurance Framework

Controlling Documents - Identity Assurance Framework



Kantara IAF-1000 Overview v2.0

Introduction to the Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance FrameworkIAWG

Kantara IAF-1100 Glossary v2.0

Brief summary of commonly used terms that are used across IAF documents.


Kantara IAF-1200 Levels of Assurance v2.0

Assurance Level Policy Overview and Description of the four Assurance Levels.IAWG

Kantara IAF-1300 Assurance Assessment Scheme v5.0

Explains how the Assurance Program operates.ARB

Kantara IAF-1400 Service Assessment Criteria v5.0

Explains the Service Approval assessment criteria that Assessors will use to determine Service Compliance.


Kantara IAF-1600 Assessor Qualifications and Requirements v2.0

The qualifications and requirements that ARB uses to determine Assessors Accreditation.IAWG

Kantara IAF-1800 Rules governing Assurance Assessments v2.0

Explicits the normative of the Kantara Initiative requirements. ARB

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