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KIPI (Kantara Identity and Privacy Incubator) R&D funding from Kantara Initiative and partner, Rutgers University's CCICADA program

Kantara Initiative (Kantara) and the Rutgers University Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis (CCICADA) program, are collaborating on a series of applied research and advanced development pilots to improve cyber identity management in real-world situations.

Specific areas of interest and current R&D needs include:

  • Authentication of people and non-person entities
  • Risk based confirmation of identity that leads to trust
  • Data and application security at rest and in transit
  • Access control at the point of need
  • User experience incorporating security, privacy, and informed consent
  • Privacy respecting anomaly detection and counter-fraud technologies with population scale applicability.
  • Additional areas as may be defined as interests emerge

The research pilots will develop prototype solutions in cyber identity management that can be used by government and business to deliver trusted services to citizens and customers, that in due course could potentially be commercialized.

The projects are supported via an award provided by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology (S & T) Directorate, though matching funds from other sources is welcomed.

Target projects: Those that can deliver a successful technology transition.

What is a successful outcome for a project?: A solution that addresses the customer need is developed and successfully transitioned such that customer has access to it.

  • Successful technology transition could be any one or more of the following:
    1. Deployment into an operational environment.
    2. Formation of a company that is interested in commercializing the developed technology. 

    3. Adoption of the developed technology into the product roadmap of an existing company

    4. Incorporation of the developed technology into another project.

Interested? Who can apply?

Any individual or small organization from business, Non-Profit or Higher Ed that otherwise would not have access to research funds. Ideally the applicants are Kantara Initiative members although not essential nor obligatory.

Examples of Evaluation Criteria (build on ideas below)

  • Are the goals for the technology clearly defined?
  • Is there existing demand for the technology?
  • Is there a capability absent in existing products?
  • Is there capability in existing products but currently not scalable?
  • Is the technology capable of commercialization?
  • Is the technology related to existing R and D underway?
  • Are there potential partners interested in transitioning the technology to commercialization?
  • Is there matching funds from another source in whole or in part (can be indicative of demand for the solution)?

Criteria reference: GAO study on DARPA success technology transition.

Examples of Benefits (build on ideas below)

  • the application process alone gives form and discipline to your work
  • gives funds to develop and test your ideas
  • gives exposure to your ideas and their creators (lots of presentation opportunities for successful applicants in the DHS Showcase series!)
  • offers the potential for ongoing repeatable business with the Federal Government
  • develops and matures the work towards commercialization and public and private sector markets

I'm interested! How do I apply? please visit Application and Evaluation Process

Ruth Puente, Kantara Executive Programme Manager

Fred Roberts
Director, CCICADA

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