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  • eGov Meeting Notes 9 April 2018
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Rainer Horbe
Colin Wallis
Thomas Gundel
Keith Uber

Denmark status:
4 projects ongoing
3 in tendering phase
1 in the build phase

Can't give specifics due to tendering process, only based on public information. 

eIDAS node is being built and will be ready in June 2018.

The whole identity infrastructure in Denmark is being replaced. All components are out for tender, as current contracts are set to expire.
Also hosting of the solutions is being tendered.

The core ID service is being built together with the banks. One common IT solution for banks and public sector.
Only for citizen ID.
Employee ID will be in NemLogin (SAML)
A layered infrastructure with federated signing based on qualified signatures based on a one time key pair and one time certificate.

The concept is central server-side signing based on authentication with a SAML token.

Sweden is going in the same direction. There is good cooperation with Sweden.

Service offers also qualified seals and timestamping services.

NemID will not be notified to eIDAS, because it is such a long process to be notified.
Instead, MitID will be notified once it is ready.

LoAs - Low, Substantial and High.

DIscussion around services that are not notified. Three LoAs for unnotified services:
Unnotified-low, Unnotified-Substantial, Unnotified-High.

Bilateral trust between Sweden and Denmark would be possible.

Discussion around bilateral agreements between EU/non-EU states.

Discussion around offering eIDAS services to commercial parties  - Denmark plans to offer services to also commercial parties.

Rainer to summarise in a few lines

Colin to forward to 

Discussion around many broker models, business models.

Discussion around Preconference workshop for EIC 2018 in Munich - panel presentation during the main conference

The US government CIO just issued this draft for comment:



Kantara pre-conference workshop. Confirmed Kantara attendees at present:
Ingo, Rainer, Thorsten, Corne, Mike Schwarz
Ian Glazer, idpro
Joni, Diacc

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