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Kantara eGov Working Group F2 Face Meeting Redwood City, CA, USA

Date and Time

  • Date: 21st October 2011
  • Time: 10:15PDT


Colin Wallis
Rainer Hoerbe
Gilad Rosner (University of Nottingham)
Justin Richer (Mitre)
Amanda Anganes (Mitre)
Lena Kannappan
Iain Hnederson (part)


Anna Ticktin

Meeting Notes

1) Roll call for Quorum determination
The group did not reach quorum of voting members. The guests from Mitre introduced themselves and outlined their work on OpenID Connect.

2) Review and approve September meeting draft minutes (attendees)
 Minutes could not be approved due to non-quorate call and will be carried over for approval at November meeting.

3) Redwood City F2F agenda:eGov Profile and associated test plan review 

The group recapped the objective: Review/update the eGov Profile 2.0 with requirements, then review/update test plan 3.3 with additional tests not covered in 3.3 for existing eGov 2.0 requirements, plus additional tests for any additional requirements. The reviewed test plan will then be passed to the IRB and thence to the selected testing organisation (and categorising as a candidate for static or full matrix test).

Austria has requirements on expiry of sessions to a range of 15-30 minutes at assurance levels 3 and 4. As a consequence HTTP Post requests/responses need to be preserved if timeouts occur and session timeouts would need to be coordinated across multiple sessions.

Canada and NZ want user consent profiled in SAML2.0.

Rainer asked that the IRB be made aware of the Gazelle static test harness used by the eHealth (IHE) community, with a view to making the test harness have similar functionality. In that community participants must pass the 'Gazelle' test before being eligible to participate in the part matrix test event 'Connectathon'.

No substantial progress could be made on the reviews of the materials as key WG members were not present in the room or on the phone.

However, those present noted the importance of begining work on this as soon as possible to allow vendors enough time to build the features into their products before testing.


  • Date: Monday, Nov 8th, 2011
  • Time: 11:00 PT | 14:00 ET | 19:00 CET | 07:00 NZ 9th)
  • Dial-In: US: +1 201 793 9022, Skype: + 9900827044630912
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