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  • Weekly Meeting 2011 12 13 Notes Ratified
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Information Sharing GROUP Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Tuesday, 13 December 2011
  • Time: noon PST | 3pm EST | 8pm UK
  • Please join my meeting via GoToMeeting
  • Join the conference call:
    • Skype: +9900827042954214
    • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
    • UK Dial-In: +44 (0) 8454018081
    • Room Code: 2954214
    • GoToMeeting ID: 844-771-298


  • Joe Andrieu
  • Judi Clark


  • Iain Henderson
  • Rob Kost
  • Mary Hodder


  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Prior Minutes & Other Motions
  3. Prior Action Item Review
  4. New Business
  5. Kickstarter Project
  6. Action Item Review


1. Attendance

We noted that 2 people were voting members and the group did not meet quorum.

2. Motions


3. Prior Action Item Review
  • Joe: First draft of the Engagement Tools - in progress
  • Joe: iconic photo of infobox - in progress (box made, "hand-off" shots in progress)
  • Joe: send note to Molly about kickstarter appearance - done
  • Joe: send ID Commons Steward's list a note - done
  • Joe: talk to designer about helping out - in progress
  • Iain: Reach out to Marc about going forward, possible ideas for funding his work - future To Do
  • Judi and Joe: kickstarter images, v2, call on Thursday 9am - done
  • Judi: send a note to legal interop group saying "hold that date" isn't happening - done
  • Judi: draft a video shot list of parts that need to be recorded for kickstarter - in progress
4. New Business

ID Commons Stewards regular call time conflicts with Customer Commons call time.

Add to agenda: old business that we should be paying attention to (with or without action items).

Update on possible VRM+CRM with Legal Interoperability Summit event for next year.

Joe proposed that we take weeks of Dec 27 and Jan 3 off. First meeting in new year is 10 January, 2010. Need motion for next meeting.

5. Car Rental Engagement Model

on hold pending Engagement Model draft

6. Kickstarter Project

In progress. Need audio track from Iain, and video spots from all.

7. C/S Engagement Model Tools

Document draft discussed, continues in progress.

8. Action Items Review
  • Joe: Info box hand-over pictures
  • Joe: video spots for kickstarter
  • Joe: continue draft of engagement model tools
  • Joe & Judi: meeting on Thursday, 9am for work breakdown structure discussion for 2012 event
  • Judi: send Joe and Iain a list of video parts
  • Judi: collect pictures, assemble first draft for kickstarter movie
  • Judi: add Old Business to agenda

Next Meeting

TUESDAY 20 December 2011 - 90 minutes
Time: noon PST | 3pm EST | 8pm UK
Skype: +9900827042954214
US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
UK Dial-In: +44 (0) 8454018081
Room Code: 2954214

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