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  • Weekly Meeting 2011 05 24 Notes Ratified
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Information Sharing GROUP Teleconference

Date and Time

  • Date: Tuesday, 24 May 2011
  • Time: 9am HST | noon PST | 3pm EST | 8pm UK
  • Please join my meeting via GoToMeeting
  • Join the conference call:
    • Skype: +9900827042954214
    • US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
    • UK Dial-In: +44 (0) 8454018081
    • Room Code: 2954214
    • GoToMeeting ID: 844-771-298


  • Joe Andrieu
  • Judi Clark
  • Iain Henderson
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Mark Lizar


  • Mary Hodder


  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Prior Minutes & Other Motions
  3. Prior Action Item Review
  4. New Business
  5. Standard Information Sharing Agreement
  6. Action Item Review


1. Attendance

We noted that 5 people on the call were voting members and that the group did not meet quorum on this call.

2. Motions
  1. Motion to approve minutes from April 19, also notes from April 26, and May 17 unanimously approved.
3. Prior Action Item Review
  • Joe - follow up with Doc re: CRM + VRM conference - to do
  • Iain - Colin Wallis conversation - to do
4. New Business
  • PII conf - interesting speakers, Esther Dyson called major providers (Google, Yahoo, etc) out re: privacy policies, (icons at, Privacy Choice. Others trying to do wholesale analysis of privacy policies, find commonalities. We need to address what others are doing (modalities). ISOC also has a privacy audit tool ('s Firefox plugin). PDEC,, Shane Green, Drummond, Tara Hunt talked about rating/ranking about personal data ecosystem; 1) mydex's trust index is apropos, and 2) PDEC could form standards/auditor OIX/Kantara model) ranking framework. Aleecia McDonald's work show people would pay a premium for services whose privacy ratings were higher. There's real marketplace value. Kaliya: inclined to leverage OIX infrastructure; it's a conversation. Mark's also doing work on frameworks, Phil Wolfe too. Mark: there's a level people need to see right away, e.g., who controls the data, like R-Button. Legal compliance & privacy structure, levels of assurance; it's complicated. Iain: trust index was thought through, boiled down to 12 minimum for assessment. Mark: put these together? Joe to Kaliya: IAPP (membership org): 1/2 revenue from events, esp education. Large sponsorship dollars not part of IAPP except for specific research projects.
  • Kaliya: joined personal data ecosystem, in conversation with 
  • Iain talked with Drummond/Scott: more detail to be worked out.
5. Information Sharing Agreements

Last week: at IIW, we outlined first four patterns (see last week's notes), relationship maintenance/transparency was new (missing) pattern but doesn't map to our prior framework, not purpose-bound. Gray area: what, how (channel), when (frequency, duration). "What" is more complicated, e.g., recommendations, special offers and/or events, new products, blacklists & whitelists (was looking for a car, now I've bought one; moves new car recs to blacklist). Why are they reaching out and what they know: keywords, purchase history or behavioral data (portable context opportunities). Existing and imagined services?

Data Recipient

Scope: What

Scope: How

Scope: When

Purpose: For What

Purpose: Duration

Comm Output






















6. Action Items Review
  • Joe - follow up with Doc re: CRM + VRM conference
  • Joe & Judi - follow microformats technique and document what's in the wild: how people are sharing info now
  • Judi - transfer notes and spreadsheet from 1 May 2011 F2F meeting onto wiki for future reference (done)
  • Iain - Colin Wallis conversation
  • Iain - drill down into marketplace of CRM to make sure our agreement covers this

Next Regular Meeting

TUESDAY 31 May 2011 - 90 minutes
9am Hawaii, noon Pacific Daylight, 3pm EDT, 8pm UK Daylight
Skype: +9900827042954214
US Dial-In: +1-201-793-9022
UK Dial-In: +44 (0) 8454018081
Room Code: 2954214

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