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Potential Use Case List

DateSourceUse CaseDescriptionChampionStatus
2016-07-05DG-BSG callAlice participates in Bob's Research StudyPatient consent for health research on their data, leveraging GA4GH model data sharing consent form.Jim? John?under development
2016-07-14DG-BSC callCertificate Transparency

Certificate Transparency (CT) is an experimental IETF open standard and open source framework for monitoring and auditing digital certificates.

This document describes an experimental protocol for publicly logging the existence of Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates as they are issued or observed, in a manner that allows anyone to audit certificate authority (CA) activity and notice the issuance of suspect certificates as well as to audit the certificate logs themselves.  The intent is that eventually clients would refuse to honor certificates that do not appear in a log, effectively forcing CAs to add all issued certificates to the logs.

Logs are network services that implement the protocol operations for submissions and queries that are defined in this document.

Scott Shorterpotential
2016-07-14DG-BSC callInformation Sharing Agreements and Data-Provenance (Stellar Consesus Protocol)

This paper introduces a new model for consensus called federated Byzantine agreement (FBA). FBA achieves robustness through quorum slices—individual trust decisions made by each node that together determine system-level quorums. Slices bind the system together much the way individual networks’ peering and tran- sit decisions now unify the Internet. 

2016-07-14DG-BSC callInterLedger

We present a protocol for payments across payment sys- tems. It enables secure transfers between ledgers and allows anyone with accounts on two ledgers to cre- ate a connection between them. Ledger-provided es- crow removes the need to trust these connectors. Con- nections can be composed to enable payments between any ledgers, creating a global graph of liquidity or Interledger

2016-08-02Email to listPrivacy-Preserving Data Sharing on Blockchain P2P Nodes

Use smart-contracts technology to express "algorithms" (queries) for data-sharing, in which the execution of the smart-contract is conditioned on the fulfillment of a number or requirements and input-parameters expressed in the smart-contract.

Thomas Hardjonosubmitted
2016-08-07Email to listGeneral Wellness ProductFDA report: General Wellness: Policy for Low Risk DevicesJohn Wsubmitted


Use Case Template

We are developing a draft template for use cases, see here.

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